Star Wars Line Bombshell!!

OK, who would have guessed that in the very small group of people who are willing to line up months in advance of a movie to get tickets, in front of a theater where the movie isn’t going to be playing, there would be room for cliques and infighting between the popular super nerds and the unpopular super nerds? I wouldn’t. And I would have been wrong. A post in this thread by “certified instigator” has just confirmed the existence of said infighting. Read on…

“No one is talking about leaving the line. The popular clique has flat out refused to be open minded about where we see the movie as a group. They insist that no matter what we – as a group – decide they will not see it it at the Arclight.

They make it very clear here on the boards and in line. That splitting up the group is better than seeing the movie at a theater the popular clique doesn’t like.

Many people I’ve spoken to are willing to see it at a theater they don’t prefer in order to keep the group together. But they are less popular and way less vocal.”


OK, so some waiters in line want to keep the line together no matter what theater it’s shown at, and other linesters don’t give a crap about the line and only care what theater they see it at – and this is shaking the foundation of the line to it’s core. TO IT’S CORE!

What will happen next? Will the entire line move to a different theater? Will the line break up and spread to different theaters? What if there’s already a line at the theater they go to? Will they have a street fight to determine who gets to be first? Please?

UPDATE: has obtained this photo that is apparently of a rival line already forming at Arclight:


While we can’t confirm the exact number of people in line there it does appear from this highly detailed and accurate photo to be considerably more people than are already in line at the Chinese. This is a shocker for sure. More news soon.

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  1. LOL “To it’s core” is a little….”off” Sean. You want good blogging fodder, you should take a few weeks and check out some of the debates we’ve had between various people.

    It’s all just people’s opinions. Nothing more.

  2. Bahahaha!

    Sean, I love how you take a bunch of geeks and raise them to the status of “Desperate Housewives”.

    I don’t think anyone is really jumping overboard on this one – just a bunch of geeks trying to figure out what to do next.

    And really, isn’t “popular super nerd” the biggest oxymoron out there?

    First and foremost, we want the movie at the Chinese. Barring that, we’re still keeping our options open.

    – Sameer
    If all this drama excites you enough to reload repeatedly, throw the kids $2, will ya?

  3. An idea for the LiningUp Folk —

    Move the line over to Vatican City. Have you seen that shit there? A million people lining up for miles to see the dead pope, Star Wars has fucking NOTHING on that! You hear me? NOTHING!

    So, I propose you set up shop in the Vatican and line up to see the NEXT Popes corpse, starting the day he’s elected. The line could last a week or it could last 20 years. But rest assured when the new Pope croaks, you WILL be first. Isn’t not knowing even more fun?

    And I’d called the Sistine Chapel one hell of a better venue than the Chinese Theatre.

  4. No one person, or even one group of people (no matter how vocal), controls anything at LiningUp.Net. If the time comes to decide what to do, it will be done by overall general concensus. Both here on the board with LU.N members that aren’t in the line at the moment, as well as getting the opinion of people in the line.

    Hey Wil, you should stop by the line again. We’ve got the 24/7 webcam up again, and you’re more than welcome to do another interview with us like you did in 1999.

  5. Dude, why bother with these nutcases? It is obvious that they are misanthropes and way too addicted to drama. I couldn’t see why anyone would want to hang with them for more the 2 seconds before running away screaming in terror. I’m sure they have quarterly excommunications of people that don’t tow their party line.

    I read the part of their messageboard where the “popular kids” are putting on peer pressure to keep the line at the Chinese. And the unpopular kids don’t speak up for fear of upsetting the popular kids. What is this fucking middle school?

  6. Could be… but at least we’re GEEKY misanthropes!

    I think the whole thing is a bit overblown. Of course NO ONE here has ever taken a messageboard post out of context.

    Besides, if it weren’t for the drama, (1) what would Sean have to blog, and (2) what would you all have to snark about? Hmmmm?

    – Sameer
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  7. Sean, you obviously missed my post:

    “To my LU.NET peeps – Star Wars isn’t going to be Star Wars without all of you, so wherever you go….I go.”

    You also don’t have this post from someone who’s been defined as one of the popular clique:

    “I don’t like the Arclight. I hate the assigned seating, I hate the high price, and I hate that they might get the movie instead of the Chinese. HOWEVER, if the MAJORITY of the group ends up deciding to see the movie there…I will have to cave. Because I want to see this movie with my friends more than anything, and though I’ll hate being at that theatre…I’ll do it if it’s best for the group.”

    I myself am not giving up on the Chinese until the bitter end, and despite not wanting to see it at the Arclight if the group as a whole decides to go, then that’s where I’m going.

  8. Hey NUTS, why don’t you come down to the line for yourself and see who we are just like Sean did. Even easier give the pay phone a call. You can read our message boards all you like but until you come down to the line or speak to us in person you’ll never have any idea who we are, or how cool the people really are.


  9. Hah, they are flat out refusing to see the movie at The Arclight? What are we in fucking bizarro world? These must be the only people in America that wouldn’t want to see a first run movie at The Arclight.

  10. No one’s “flat-out refusing” anything. We’re weighing our options, the #1 option of course being to get the movie at the Chinese, somehow. If not, we’d be crazy not to look at the Arclight as one of our top alternates.

    Of course, we’d be crazy to stand in line for a freaking movie for 6 weeks, right? So who knows what we’ll do. Maybe we’ll download an illegal copy of the movie and all watch it together on our PSPs on the street…

    – Sameer
    Come on, you know you want to. Throw a few bucks in.

  11. Oh and one more thing – I am hearing there may be a special midnight screening of EP3 at The Arclight. Big suprise right? However it will likely also be accompanied by digital versions of EP 1 and EP 2. How you like them apples Chinese?

  12. Looks like the nerds have closed up their message board. I can’t keep up with the thread anymore. Why so scared!

  13. Why hasn’t anybody brought up the fact that Episodes I and II SUCKED!!! Really, really bad. I’m going to see Ep III just like most of the people on the face of the Earth, but I’m going in with ultra-low expectations. Why all of the anticipation? If it’s just for the “line experience” then OK, I GET IT ALREADY!!. You’re having fun hanging out with your friends. But don’t you think it’s a little dissapointing that all of this hoopla has to surround a series that already has two BIG strikes against it? Huge fan of ANH and ESB. Lucas shat all over them, plain and simple.

  14. Sean, I think it’s hard for folks to find the message boards because there’s no navigation graphic on the left area – if you roll over the blank spot you can find it (samw with the wiki), but I’m guessing that’s what keeps folks from discovering it. That, and maybe you scare them away with the user agreement to “not be a dick.”

  15. They closed the messageboards cause they don’t want people see the truth– dirty laundry and all. They’re hiding something. I bet you if you apply for an account, they don’t approve it to keep the media out. Hey, is this organization legal with the state of California? Are they a registered non-profit group? Do they pay taxes? Time to call the Enquirer.

  16. They made it to

    I work very close to the Star Wars line on Hollywood and talked to some of them today. Even though they’re online there, they still don’t seem to be convinced that Arclight will be showing Episode III.


    I’m with the person that emphasized the fact that Episodes I and II sucked. I mean really. My expectations for Ep III are so low. Lucas is really out of touch.

  17. We are simply fans not some business or organization. We’re not making any money and only raising money for a charity in the process of lining up for Star Wars. There’s plenty of people in our group who hated the first 2 prequels. Heck, I’m going into the movie with very low expectations. But seeing the film with hardcore fans and in a great atmosphere really does make the movie experience better. And the line itself is why so many of us are there again and new folks keep signing up every day. Life long friendships and relationships have formed because of the previous 2 lines. It’s really fun and addicting. And as soon as we can upgrade our hosting account, the boards and galleries will be back up.

  18. Wait, if you are not making any money, then who is paying for your website? Who’s paying for you online connection at the line? Is it coming out the money for the little kiddies? Me thinks they are lying. And if they are collecting funds from their line members, then they are a business or organization and need to pay taxes on their income. Its obvious they are hiding stuff and I think a quick call to the state tax office and the business license enforcement department of LA County is in order.

  19. I think it’s cool that you are hardcore fans of the franchise. But I also think that the huge fan base is part of the reason the new “Star Wars” movies have been terrible. Lucas has known for a long time that he can just release any piece of s*** with the name “Star Wars” and people will flock to see it, no matter how terrible it is. And I think Eps I and II are truly terrible.

    So what would have been really cool is if the fans got together this time around and said that there shouldn’t be a line, as a message to Lucas that we felt ripped off on the last two movies.

  20. C’mon, the state tax office? Dude, you got less of a life than the line geeks. Don’t be the hall monitor for the IRS, please.

  21. The people over on those boards think that Arclight is some evil corporation that outbid and stole the movie from the Chinese. Don’t they realize that the Chinese was already booked and Arclight simply picked up what was available to them?
    Now their planning on marching to the Vista in the hopes to pass by the Arclight as if to show them what’s what—like they’re gonna pay dearly for what they did (which, by the way, now includes allowing them to still wait at the Chinese)
    Some of them are truly delusional.

  22. I’m not calling anyone — I’m busting their chops what is obviously a lie about making no money.

    In regards to the whole moving the line, of course, every media outlet is making fun of them because their excuse is pretty silly and stupid and I’m sure the Line Up people probably actually enjoy being beat up on by the media. They can play victim.

  23. Running a website is not expensive in the least. You can get 7gigs of space with 75gigs of bandwidth for $15 dollars. Upgrading $5 will get you an extra 25gigs of bandwidth and 3gigs of space. So they do not need to collect money from anyone to run their site.
    I personally was not going to see Sith at the Chinese, but doesn’t everyone remember when it was the place were all movies premired at, I guess not.
    It’s a shame it will not be showing there for historical sake.

  24. AMEN Joe!!! If you want to protest something, protest these terrible movies!!! I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t do it myself after Ep I came out. That flick was such a slap in the face to anyone who loved the old series. I’m sure you could find a way to “raise money for the kiddies” by camping out at ILM or some other Lucas entity and chanting “hell no, we wont go!!” in Ewok or something. You’d still get a chance to “form relationships” and hang with your friends etc. Then maybe Lucas wouldn’t sit back on his fat, no-neck ass and keep cranking out these gazillion dollar pieces of digital crap, and we could all dork out over some great movies!!

  25. Yes, I’m earnest, and end up as internet-fodder…BUT I finally get you blogger-guys! Mocking the geeks makes you look cool! Wow! It’s just like junior high. I’m so glad that you found a comfortable place to mock others. I guess you sad folk NEED that. Feel better now? Good. Yeah…let it allll out.

  26. Hey Liz,

    Forgive me for this, but…BOOHOO!! There’s been a lot of mockery these last few days but I’m looking back through the posts and I’m seeing a lot of legitimate arguments on both sides (today, at least). I’m not sure who, “you guys” is, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to lump everyone’s posts into one category. Even if thats what the other side is doing to you. Instead I’d stick to defending my arguments or don’t post at all.


    Pro Star Wars / Anti-Lucas

    P.S. I still haven’t heard anyone defend these piece of crap movies yet. Please explain it to me without mentioning the whole “line experience” argument and maybe I’ll understand. There are plenty of other reasons / ways to get together in big groups for things that don’t actually suck!

  27. Two words: Ewan McGregor

    Seriously, there are many moments AOTC that I love including one of my favorite scenes in all of Star Wars. TPM was pretty dull except for a few moments of that old magic. Really poor story. It helped that I saw both movies with a great crowd. It wasn’t until later viewings that the films got worse.

    As a child, I loved the original SW films. But I’m not really what you call a big fan of SW like some in line. I got involved in ’99 because of Ewan McGregor, initially just visiting the line and then getting sucked in. It was and continues to be so much fun lining up. The line is more important in the end, than the movie.

    The experience of lining up was like the ultimate summer camp. Lifelong friendships developed and much mayhem and fun occured out there on the sidewalk for both lines. It’s only fitting to continue that tradition for the final film regardless if it sucks or not and go out with a bang: a huge line up and lots of money raised for charity!

  28. Some of us are just curious, especially because we work across the street from the line – do you guys sleep there, or go home and sleep? (This is a sincere question.)

  29. Some do, some don’t. There’s usually a good amount of people who spend the night, either in tents or under our shelter. More on the weekends than during the week of course.

  30. Joe – Most people go home to shower. Those who’ve traveled have hotel rooms or take showers at friend’s places. As for bathrooms – Hollywood & Highland allows us to use their public restrooms.

  31. Nerds Must Get Wet.
    We had thought you would have learned your lesson the last two times but clearly we will have to teach you again.
    The manifesto will be reuturing soon.
    Nerds must get wet!

  32. Hey wasn’t it “nerdsdeservetogetwet” last time? Damn, 3 years later I still remember that post.
    Anyway, I hope this time at least you have the nerve to do it while on foot. We already had one car chase last time, I wouldn’t want to have to send ObiShaun after you in his Star Wars car this time! ;)

  33. Yeah, I can show you how much of a nerd I really am if you’d like lol I love how you guys think that everyone in the line is your stereotypical nerd. Classic.

  34. When you people line up for George’s movies like this, you are sending a message to him that he’s actually making good movies. If you are going to line up, line up to prevent people from entering the cinema. Lucas is a hack. Why was Empire the best of the series……..cuz Lucas didn’t direct it. But maybe, just maybe the 3rd movie might be good. Yeah, and maybe i’m a Chinese jet pilot.

  35. hey guys, can you give me a site where i can download a copy of star wars episode III, cuz i can’t get tickets and i don’t wanna wait on line. thanks a ton.

  36. “I love how you guys think that everyone in the line is your stereotypical nerd.”

    Translation: I’m really a cool nerd, not one of those other nerds.

    Reality: I’m still a nerd.

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