Bulk Fun

greenlegos-sm.jpgSometimes I’m glad I grew up in the late seventies and early eighties. It was a simpler time – sure we didn’t get a color TV until 1979, our home computer was a TRS80 and our video games were two dimensional. But the only cost a quater and you could ride your bike everywhere and no one was afraid of things (except maybe for nuclear armegeddon).

My brother and I loved to play with Legos (no, I never had a Barbie doll). And anyone who remembers “classic” Legos knows that they came in only a few colors and shapes. They came in large sets, so there was no way to get the pieces you really needed (besides trading with a friend – but a girl playing with Legos wasn’t likely to have many friends). There were little character figures that came in basic colors and genders and we thought it was pretty cool when I got a little police boat that actually floated and came with a cop.

legowall-sm.jpgWhoo boy, things have changed.

My brother came to town over the weekend and he has kids now and was looking for gifts. We stopped by the Glendale Galleria and stumbled on the LegoMania Store which boasts the biggest pick-a-brick wall. Yes, all those little cubbies are filled with different brick colors and shapes. Cool little things like axels and windshields and flowers. They’ve even invented the tooth-saving brick separator too!

Part of me laments that they’ve made all of these specific bricks, after all, the biggest part of Lego was the use of imagination – that your car didn’t need a windshield, you just pretended it was there, you made the basic shape (wheels really helped though). Of course the little characters are pretty cool. We often lost their little heads and had to substitute the little cubes. Our Lego town was populated with blockheads. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a little trip down memory lane or want to share the joy of imaginative play with their kids, I’ve always really liked Legos.
Harry Potter characters (and Spiderman) – bigger photos here, here, here & here.

4 thoughts on “Bulk Fun”

  1. Really bad “Lord of the Rings” pun be damned… I guess that would make you a Lego-Lass.

  2. Lego dork here. I keep a big bowl of Legos on the table at my studio and love it when clients grab a handful and start building. There’s quite a big market for specific size and color lots on Ebay too. I know all too well.

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