Star Wars Line Update

Since I know everyone is dying to find out what’s going on with the Star Wars line I’ve taken it upon myself to read through the entire thread at as well as call them several times now and here’s the facts of the moment:

  1. The Star Wars line is still outside of Graumans.
  2. Graumans has confirmed that Star Wars will not be playing at Graumans.
  3. Arclight has confirmed that Star Wars will be playing at Arclight.
  4. The Star Wars line is pissed because they think Star Wars should be at Graumans, not at Arclight, so they are not moving the line in protest.
  5. They also don’t see any reason to move the line, because someone who logs onto the Arclight website will have just as much chance to get good seats as they will waiting outside for a month and a half.
  6. Arclight is trying to convince the Star Wars line to move to Arclight because, well, the movie is actually playing there and not at the theater they are waiting at.
  7. The Star Wars nerds in line are nothing is they aren’t determined and are refusing to move the line.
  8. There’s talk of trying to get Graumans to have a single midnight showing of the movie for charity (between you and me, that’s NEVER going to happen).
  9. No word from Graumans how they feel about a line of people outside of their theater for a movie they won’t be showing.

More updates when I get them. Anyone want to swing by the line and get some photos?

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132 thoughts on “Star Wars Line Update”

  1. Yams, So what if Liz and I want to do what we’re doing or raise money for a charity the way we’re doing it?

    The Arclight sucks for this type of event. The crowds at the Arclight are a fucking yawn. Everytime I’ve gone for a premiere at the Arclight or Dome the energy isn’t even a fraction of what the Chinese is.

  2. And as my final words for the night, as I have a 15-hour workday ahead of me tomorrow (another geek who has a life), let me just say that I’m deeply upset that people feel a need to turn something we meant for good into a laff-riot. Why? What is WRONG with people? Even Wil, who I thought was “one of us” (fighters of the good fight) found the need to make a cheap, easy shot at us. Who needs to get a life? The folks on the Boulevard tonight raising money for kids, or the internet geeks who get some kind of high mocking them?

  3. You know, if even Wil Wheaton thinks you’re lame, you just might want to consider that “The Other Side” — whoever you’d like them to be — might have a point.

  4. Liz, for such a mature, life having adult, you sure make some snotty remarks.

    Uh, yeah, obviously you do. At least until almost 1am, after that I’m sure you do many other constructive things with your time.

    Yeah, okay, way to assume things about us. If you want to come off as the high and mighty charity raising person you most obviously are, maybe you shouldn’t stoop to “our level” of blind assumption.
    Maybe I can’t read (haha), but at least I’m not an oversensitive hypocrite.

  5. I understand it’s “for charity”, etc., but surely you could do it for charity standing in front of somewhere that’s going to be showing the movie?

  6. The problem with that, Mat, is that there’s no point in having a line at the Arclight. With reserved seating and Internet sales, you have just as much luck with getting a seat online as you do by standing in line.

    And let me say it again – the SAME DAMN THING happened in 1999 and 2002, and both times the film played at the Chinese. That’s the reason we’re not moving yet. There are still MANY ways the film could get shown at the Chinese, like the special “2-week-only” limited engagement that was worked out in 1999.

    For those of you still confused about the way we raise money, I encourage you to check out And since we’ve obviously entertained you for at least a small portion of your day, how about kicking in $1 or $2 (or more) to the charity????

  7. “the SAME DAMN THING happened in 1999 and 2002, and both times the film played at the Chinese. That’s the reason we’re not moving yet.”

    So I have to ask the big question – At what point do you abandon that hope – I mean, what has to happen for the line to break up? If it’s 24 hours before the movie opens and FOX/MANN/ARCLIGHT have still not agreed to have a showing at the chineese, do you wait the final 24 hours or not?

    Maybe this isn’t a good question for 42 days out, but right now there’s hope it will be at the Chineese, so I’m just wondering how long will that hope last? If it doesn’t move to the Chineese, clearly there’s going to be some point when that is obvious before the movie actually opens – what do you do then?

  8. That’s a very good point, Sean. It’d have to be a lot closer to the movie before said hope runs out.

    At that point, we’d probably move to another theater in the area. There are a few other houses that are fan-friendly with a good picture and sound that we’ve been discussing. Obviously the Chinese is our first choice, but we have a few others in mind.

    But as you said, 42 days is a long way away, and a LOT can happen between now and then. Don’t give up the ship just yet…

    – Sameer
    Throw the kids a buck or two.

  9. I seriously doubt that was actually Wil Wheaton atop the comments thread. I just made a fake comment with the same signature to prove I could, but I guess it was deleted for saying it was a fake. This is me. I bet that’s not Wil up there.

    If people like the party atmosphere of a line, more power to them! I’ve done the same thing for movie marathons ( bostonsci-fi dot com ) despite the fact that you can get decent seats walking in well after the doors open.

    Just don’t get your hopes up about episode 3. ;-)

  10. To answer some people’s questions, and dissuade some common misconceptions.

    1) I have a life. I’m married for going on 12 years now. I’ve got the same job I’ve had since 1992, and am making close to a 6 figure income. I have 3 kids, and own a house. To be honest, I’m BARELY able to squeeze line time in my life, but I’m doing it, as I’ve done it for the past two prequels.

    2) Others with jobs. Yes, it’s VERY easy to maintain a job and life and take part of the line. You don’t have to be there 24/7 to be a part. Come when you can. You sign in when you get there, and sign out when you leave. Your hours will be totaled on opening night and you’re then placed in order, according to hours accumulated.

    3) Raising money. Some people get flat donations of $5 here, $10 there from family, friends, and co-workers. Others get a certian amount per hour they spend in line. In 1999, my old man decided to sponsor me $1 an hour. He ended up having to shell out over $200. Needless to say, he gave me a flat donation in 2002. HA! HA!

    I hope this addresses some of your questions.

    Sean – See that’s the thing. It’s because we’ve heard all this in 1999 and 2002 (that it’s not going to be playing here), that we’re not moving yet. We have to have Fox or LFL confirmation, not Mann’s word on the matter.

  11. FYI: just for some perspective, Mr. Wheaton was a guest on Kiki Stockhammer’s show “Kiki After Dark” – webcast live from the 1999 Episode I Star Wars line. Just thought I’d throw that out there. :D

    – Sameer
    If you’re gonna snark, at least throw the kids a buck or two, will ya??

  12. Sameer – more perspective – Wil’s comment is in reference to the line being at a theater where the movie isn’t scheduled to be shown, not in reference to waiting in line.

  13. Sean, a good point. However, as has been stated before, it’s never been scheduled to be shown at the Chinese when we lined up the past two times either.

  14. Craig – please forgive my ignorance on this if it’s already common knowledge and I missed it some how – but in 1999 and 2002 was it just not (yet) scheduled to be shown at the Chinese or was it booked elsewhere and was then moved to the Chinese (because of the line, or other facotrs)? My reasoning behind that question is that as far as I can tell (from the people I’ve talked to thus far) there are contracts signed and the deal is done that this WILL NOT be playing at the Chinese, because it’s playing at Arclight. There is a standard clause in the Arclight contracts spefically mentioning Graumans and that movies can’t be shown there. This leads me to believe that in 1999 and 2002 Arclight wasn’t in the picture and throws a wrench into the mix because it seems that in order for the film to be shown at Graumans there would be some pretty steep lawsuits involved.

  15. Sean – this EXACT scenario happened in 1999.

    If you recall, LFL had some pretty strict rules about showing Episode I (had to be for a 6-week minimum, etc.). Mann’s balked, and the Arclight/Cinerama Dome allegedly signed. This was a furor for a few days/weeks, until the publicity around the line eventually convinced the parties involved to sign a deal allowing EpI to show at the Chinese for a 2 week limited engagement.

    So yes, there is precedent behind us.
    The people involved CAN make it happen – they have in the past.

  16. and about the Arclight being new – IIRC, there was similar exclusivity between the Chinese and the old Cinerama Dome.

  17. I read the story in Variety and I’ve been following the post on Lining Up. It seems Paramount is holding the Chinese to opening The Longest Yard as they are contracted to do. So why are you guys not giving any pressure to PARAMOUNT? The Chinese would love to run Star Wars, but a contract is a contract. At BEST the Chinese gets a ONE WEEK RUN and believe me, they don’t want to get Star Wars only to give it up after a week. Arclight didn’t steal it and neither Fox or Mann willingly gave it up. The villain here is Paramount since this whole fiasco started when they booked TLY to open Memorial Day weekend. Why don’t the Lining Up folks talk to THEM?

  18. Thanks Yams, we figured. There are those who will just hate no matter what. With any luck, the media coverage will shift from “look at those dumb nerds!” to “why the f*** are they doing this?” and the more detailed story (charity, etc.) will come out.

    As for Paramount – yeah, that’s a good point, but somehow I don’t think “Will you take your movie out of the theater so we can see Star Wars?” would go over too well with them. At least Fox has a financial incentive to put the movie in the Chinese.

    I don’t see why the Chinese would have a problem with running EpIII for only 1 week – it’d be 1 week of serious $$$ for them. I doubt The Longest Yard will do that well.

  19. I noted that some of the articles now coming out don’t mention that Arclight does Internet pre-sales. As that’s been mentioned as significant reason perpetuating the tantrum^Wline, I’m shocked that the fans would omit this vital bit of information.

  20. Bandwidth, plain and simple. The last few days and all the attention blew apart our BW allocation, and we had no choice but to restrict the messageboard and gallery to line members. We’re working on opening them again…

    – Sameer
    Chip in a buck or two.

  21. Thanks to a generous offer from Netflix, we’ve upgraded our hosting. If the boards aren’t public again already, they will be soon.

  22. The problem with the film only showing for a week is that Arclight probably won’t want to cave in to a demand that says they can run Star Wars but only AFTER it’s biggest week in theaters. This would mean it stays at the Chinese but gets pushed into their multiplex which in turn may be too small to house the crowds for the second week (none of those theaters hold more then 250 or so).

  23. my question is simple. why do people care so much about these guys (and girls) waiting in line for this movie? is it that the movie will most likely blow? or, is it that the movie may not even play at the theater? or is it that the release of the movie is over a month away? or, what is it?

    my answer: who cares?

    they’re not hurting anyone so let them wait in peace.

  24. Thanks Chris Ullrich. I’m really baffled people seem to have such passionate reactions to our waiting in line at this theatre for this movie. Why do people care? We are not hurting anyone. It’s our choice to do this and we’re helping a great charity in the process. We’re just regular folks of various ages and backgrounds who are just having fun out there. :)

  25. Sorry if I seemed snotty before — I was aiming for very, very frustrated. Here we are, a group of friends, doing something for charity, and WHOA! the internet-folk attack. They don’t read previous posts, and they don’t read our posts thoroughly, so I get frustrated. Imagine yourselves, just for a day, in our shoes…having to defend what you think is a very decent pursuit (lining up for charity) to a free-form media looking for an angle (which is usually the uninspired “stupid geeks” angle) and getting the same questions over and over and over and over and…geez we answered that question TWO POSTS ABOVE!! So, snotty, I guess I am. I’m still waiting for an answer to my “what good YOU did today” question. Since you all have such a moral high ground from which to judge us.

  26. Come on, you guys aren’t REALLY surprised you’re getting heckled and questioned about this are you? I mean, you’re waiting in line for 45 days for something. That’s pretty bad. Then it turns out the thing you’re waiting in line for is a movie. A movie is not like a concert where there’s only one show: it’ll be playing many times a day for weeks in dozens of theaters around town. So that’s bad too. On top of that, it’s a movie which is rounding out a trilogy which has been almost universally despised. So that makes it even worse. And to top it all off, the theater you’re waiting at isn’t going to show the movie. Come on, it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots and figure out why almost everyone who hears about this is laughing at you.

    “You’re acting like an idiot.”
    “Maybe so, but it’s for a good cause.”
    “You’re still an idiot.”

    Get it?

  27. O.K. you are all so right. I’ve seen the light and will no longer line up. Even tho’ no one is actually spending 45 hours in line. You are all so smart and witty and much cooler than we are…Can I now be an internet cool kid? Glad it doesn’t take a genius to to connect tne dots because….har har har!

  28. My point is just that you all need to quit pretending to be surprised that people are mocking you. I doubt anyone is really buying this BS “we’re shocked” routine. Just admit that you can see why everyone is taunting you guys, even if you disagree with it. As I said earlier in this thread, when you’re a member of the lunatic fringe you have to expect to be mocked; and if you’re gonna insist on being way out there like that, you’ve got to have thick skin. You should quit trying to convince people that you lot are really not nuts, because believe me that’s a losing battle you’re fighting there. Whether you spend 45 minutes or 45 days out there on the street, you’re waiting for a movie that’s not gonna be there, and even worse you’re defending that and trying to convince others that it’s really not that crazy. Drink the Kool-Aid if you must, but don’t offer me a sip.

  29. ow. I must die now ‘cuz yams said . Mr. internet-arbiter. If I wasn’t busy dying I’d ffgghhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee

  30. Crap I’m tired…sorry about the above post but…crimeny! why do I have to develop a thick skin for YOU?

  31. in regards to the person who said that the chinese isnt the best theatre in los angeles.
    a little news flash for you buddy Graumans Chinese theatre is the only comercial theatre in the COUNTRY to have a cp 2000 2k digital lens projector. KINDA IRONIC THE ONLY THEATRE TO HAVE THE MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL LENS PROJECTOR WITH THE HIGHSET PICTURE RESOLUTION ISNT GETING THE FILM.

  32. Another fun fact guys Manns chinese theatre, is going to be first theatre to have the new 3d digital projector installed this comming summer.
    as for them showing the longest yard.
    Paramount is a co owner of the chinese theatre along with warner bros. and its not about filling up the seats of that particular auditorium for a few weeks, to paramount its the fact that having the the longest yard play in the chinese thetre
    is free advertising for the movie, cause all of the toursist who visit hollywood, and plus its the most famous theatre in the world so paramount wants its first big movie of the summer to grace the marquis of the building for that reason its strictly about bragging rights.
    just like warner bros showing Batman Begins on the screen for the same reason n june as well.
    but who knows maybe it will work out for you guys and you will get fox to cave and play it for one week only but dont count on it.

  33. question? you mention the 1999 ltd engagement made because of the influance your line had.
    i have a question cause i just got back from the last showing of miss congeniality 2 a little while ago.
    and there wernt that many of you there in line, when you had that line in 199 were there more people in line then than you do have now, and have you guys tried contacting lucasfilm, i ask these questions because i honestly dont see how any diferance can be made from only a hand full of people being out there in line.
    iam not trying to rag on you guys or anything, heck ill probably end up dontating some money cause its a very noble you are raising money for kids but you know if you want to impress lucas you should have hundreds out there.
    you know whats funny though inside they are selling there large sodas in collectable star wars episode 3 cups, and in the chinese 6 they have the episode 3 poster up.

  34. The attendance varies depending on time of day. Night time and weekends are the busiest times, usually attracting 60 or so people at a time. During the day, it’s more like 10. There’s about 120 people signed up currently, with more by the day, which is a better response than any previous line.
    As for contacting Lucasfilm, that’s the thing. We’ve been in contact with Lucasfilm and the theater for the past year, with their reassurances. So the “oops, wrong theater, how stupid of them!” angle is slightly misleading.

  35. If you all want to line up, then by all means, have at it. I also think it’s great that money is being donated to a charitable cause. However, to say you’re doing it for charity is a little disingenuous. You’re doing it for yourselves, first and foremost, and the charity thing happens to fit into your scheme, not the other way around. I realize not all of you are saying, “we’re doing this for charity,” but some of you are. I don’t think it’s any more effective than, “we’re doing this because it’s fun.”

    You certainly are entitled to your method of charity, and I applaud you for finding one you can truly enjoy. But call it what it is. Good luck getting the film to play at the Chinese; I kinda have to agree, there’s something to be said about tradition, even if Lucas deserves to be strung up by the balls for the first two trainwrecks…er, prequels.

    P.S.: Way to avoid having to address the point, Liz. I don’t think Yams was saying you need to “develop thick skin for [him].” I believe his point is, you should know that what you’re doing is going to attract a lot of negative attention, so don’t act surprised when it does.

    P.P.S.: Nobody CARES about your lining up at the Chinese. Heckling (and being heckled) is just how the Internet is. Because, you know, it’s fun!

  36. I freely acknowledged that I line up for FUN and charity many posts ago, MrH. You’re late and didn’t do your homework. And yes, I’m surprised at the negative blog-posts. I do the AIDS walk in LA every year and I’ve never been taunted for that. And everyone I’ve approached in real life for sponsorship of THIS charitable effort has been supportive.

    Nobody cares about our “lining up,” but the same uncaring nobodies take time out of their busy days to mock us. And internet heckling is apparently fun you say. So I say who needs to get a life here?

    I’m STILL waiting for a shred of evidence from at least one of you mockers as to the moral high ground from which you judge us.

  37. Liz – try to grasp this ok.. It’s the waiting at the theater where the movie isn’t playing that is why people are taking note.

    IF at the AIDS walk you said we are making this walk from LA to SF for charity and then took off south on the 405 people would be pointing and launghing like they are right now. If this was just a bunch of people sitting on a sidewalk for charity no one would even blink. If it was outside of a theater where the movie was playing it would be no big deal. Until the world hears otherwise, regardless of what you think might happen, to the rest of us you like the people driving south to get to SF swearing up and down you know what you are doing. We’re watching and waiting, but right now it still looks like you are headed the wrong direction.

  38. This evening I will be sitting outside of 6 Flags Magic Mountain to ride Space Mountain when the park opens tomorrow morning. Please contact me regarding any charitable contributions you wish to make.

  39. Well, Sean, it looked like we were headed in the wrong direction in ’99 and ’02 and that panned out because of persistence. All we can do is wait and see. Even if we pick another theater, we’re staying where we are until it’s time to go there. For many logistical reasons it makes sense to stay precisely where we are.

  40. Greg – I’m not saying you should change course or anything, and more power to you for staying – what I’m saying is that Liz at least (not everyone) needs to understand that is the case and stop asking why people don’t get it.

  41. I’m not surprised people are heckling and laughing at us. Not at all. I’m used to it after being in the previous lines. I’m just surprised people care enough either way to talk so much about us on the net. It’s really amazing. I expect heckling. I expect people to not get us and not understand. That’s ok. I don’t get people that paint on their bodies for football games in freezing cold temperatures or who are into collecting guns. To each his own.

    We aren’t hurting anyone. We’re getting a lot of media attention and that’s great. Means we’re helping raise money and awareness for a wonderful charity and maybe, just maybe, the movie will play at Grauman’s. We haven’t given up hope and we’re not moving our line no matter how many strangers on the net choose to judge and mock us. I seriously hope they get a kick out of it. Keep on talking about us. The more who do the merrier! And maybe you’ll consider donating a few bucks to charity while you’re at it. :)

  42. Regarding the made up history of how the new trilogy has never been booked at Manns Chinese Theater: I seriously doubt these yahoos have any real knowledge of the inner workings of Manns, Lucasfilm or Fox in regards to the booking of TPM or AOTC. Just because the box office person or night manager tells you a story, doesn’t make it true. Their contact at Lucasfilm is probably some person who has to deal with crazy fans, and has no authority to make decisions or statements on distribution of the films.

    They are out for attention and they got it in spades; but, unfortunatly they can’t control the attention which is now negative. And their spinning makes them sound even more pathetic. Wait, didn’t you tell the media there were 250 people in line — sounds like your inflating your numbers.

  43. I am old enough to be a Fan Jedi Master — I’m literally probably “old enough to be your mother.”

    Listen to your mother:


    When we stood in line for Star Wars so many moons ago, we just stood in the line and saw the movie with all our friends.

    Nobody tried to prove who was the uber-king-nerd-fan or was more important or had ‘done more for the line’ (sheesh).

    No negotiations with theater owners. We just got in line (and, uh, where the movie was playing, by the way). Nobody was holier-than-thou about which theater we went to.

    No charity collection, for crying out loud.

    Just go to the damn movie and stop proselytizing about line-standing martyrdom!

    In our day, the experience of a blockbuster that ran for OVER A YEAR in the same single-screen theater was almost unheard-of (except for Gone With the Wind or something).

    This may make me sound like an ogre, but I was appalled at the whole charity-first-in-line privilege idea at the outset. And I do work in cancer research, so don’t flame me, please. I was first in line many weekends in a row, at the tender age of 16, on Saturday mornings, because I GOT THERE EARLY. This whole hierarchy of having to justify self-aggrandized fandom is completely laughable.

    I LOVE the Arclight, I just about did a happy dance when I found out it was going there, and I hope it stays there. Better food, cheaper parking, better theaters, a BAR AND RESTAURANT, and they are likely to do their 21+ showings, where you can bring your liquor into the film (GEE, LIKE GROWNUPS) and have no screeching kids or bad-acting teens around you. I HAVE EARNED THIS, I’m not in my 20’s anymore, and particularly after waiting in giant lines for the LAST two pieces of crap.

    One day, you all who are pooh-poohing the Arclight will have your epiphany. Lord knows I have. It’s a wonderful place, and your few extra dollars pay for a showing with NO TRAILERS, NO ADS, NO STUPID COMMERCIALS!

    Trekkies, line-standers, whatever — just GO to the MOVIE, and stop making a national case about it. Try to remember that movie-going should be, first and foremost, personal entertainment.

    And if the line-standers (to whom, by the way, I brought a case of water last year, just as a personal donation, I am NOT a hater by any means…) — well, if you don’t go to the Arclight, fine. Better seat selection for me. Thanks in advance!


  44. So we up and got ourselves an event here…. a gosh-darn happening even… and why cant we just let these people have their fun and leave them alone?

    I do have just one question though: if the point of lining up is to be the first to see the movie, and we know pretty much for a fact that the movie wont be playing at Mann’s on opening weekend (but perhaps sometime later if they “cave in to pressure”) then, uh…. I’m sorry, but what is the point of the line again?

    I know some are arguing historical significance and whatnot…. and that might mean something if most of the people in the line were, you know, actually born when the first Star Wars premiered at the theater. Well, at least you’re fighting the good fight for your parents, and older brothers and sisters (who would do it themselves save for the fact that most of them have jobs and, well, they pretty much could care less).

    Ah, but I guess the point of the line isn’t to see the movie first after all (or at all as… it’s… not… gonna… play… there) but rather to raise money for charity. Uh-huh. Yeah, that’s great and all. Not the most productive means of raising money for charity, but what do I know–I’m not in the practice of doing nonsensical things and justifying them as being done for charity. Hell, I lined up at a theater at midnight in 1998 to be one of the first to see the American version of “Godzilla.” But you know…. I took my embarrassment like a man. I didn’t tell people I did it to feed starving children in Zimbabwe or something…

    Oh well, perhaps this will all work out. We all know how much George Lucas kowtows to the wishes of Star Wars fans…

    Ok, I have another question: would it be wrong for people who see the movie opening night at the Arclight to, you know, drive by Mann’s afterwards and yell out spoilers?

    Yeah, that’d be bad. And mean. I couldn’t support that.

    … unless they did it for charity.

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