Star Wars Line Update

Since I know everyone is dying to find out what’s going on with the Star Wars line I’ve taken it upon myself to read through the entire thread at as well as call them several times now and here’s the facts of the moment:

  1. The Star Wars line is still outside of Graumans.
  2. Graumans has confirmed that Star Wars will not be playing at Graumans.
  3. Arclight has confirmed that Star Wars will be playing at Arclight.
  4. The Star Wars line is pissed because they think Star Wars should be at Graumans, not at Arclight, so they are not moving the line in protest.
  5. They also don’t see any reason to move the line, because someone who logs onto the Arclight website will have just as much chance to get good seats as they will waiting outside for a month and a half.
  6. Arclight is trying to convince the Star Wars line to move to Arclight because, well, the movie is actually playing there and not at the theater they are waiting at.
  7. The Star Wars nerds in line are nothing is they aren’t determined and are refusing to move the line.
  8. There’s talk of trying to get Graumans to have a single midnight showing of the movie for charity (between you and me, that’s NEVER going to happen).
  9. No word from Graumans how they feel about a line of people outside of their theater for a movie they won’t be showing.

More updates when I get them. Anyone want to swing by the line and get some photos?

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132 thoughts on “Star Wars Line Update”

  1. The Star Wars line is pissed because they think Star Wars should be at Graumans, not at Arclight, so they are not moving the line in protest.

    Uhm. Yeah.

    Not moving the line in protest.

    Okay. I don’t use this phrase lightly, but. . .

    Get a life.

    I’m serious. Get. A. Life.

    Right now.

  2. People who are willing to wait in line for more than 15 minutes for the sequel to Episodes I and II clearly have problems. This new development is pretty much in keeping with that line of thinking. George Lucas has already said the movie is not about Darth Vader killing everyone, and is instead going to be a tearjerker and “Titanic in space”. It’s gonna blow like the other two, just accept it.

  3. They are unwilling to move the line because its nicer on Hollywood Blvd? Are these people insane? If they are going to camp out someplace the movie is not playing how about a nice park or the beach? Does anyone really think for a second this line is ‘for the kids’? These idiots would be out there regardless. Why not spend 5 minutes getting good seats at the Arclight and instead of parking your fat ass on Hollywood Blvd. go spend some time voulenteering at a shelter that serves the homeless people who live on Hollywood Blvd. but not by choice. Beyond pathetic.

  4. It’s all whether you choose to judge us or not. We are not hurting anyone. We are choosing to line up at the best theatre in the world where the first Star Wars film premiered and where the final Star Wars film should premiere. We enjoy the crazy experience of lining up and would not trade that for over priced reserved tickets at the Arclight. Those who are happy the film is at the Arclight – awesome for you. We are not seeing the film there and we’re still going to keep lining up at the Chinese – it’s simply too much fun.

  5. The Chinese is not the best theater in the world. The Grand Palais in Cannes is supposedly the worlds best theater, but in LA the best theater is the Arclight. Best picture, best sound (not boomy and echoey like the Chinese), best seats, etc etc. I am not looking at the ceiling when I watch a movie I am watching the screen. Arclight has reserved seats, so I can buy good seats while at work and not have to wait 1 month in line during which you are not working right? So just how much is that ticket really costing you?

  6. Okay, I can understand why these fans are refusing to move to the Arclight, but it doesn’t make any sense. This is like knowing ahead of time that the Titanic is going to sink, and yet they’re still boarding the ship.

  7. Alyse, is Lucasfilm paying you?

    If not you’re a true sucker. George Lucas has made billions off of fools like you.

  8. I don’t quite get it.

    If your waiting outside the Chinese theatre and Star Wars will be playing there, then yes you are lining up for Star Wars.

    If you are standing outside of the Chinese theatre and and it’s NOT going to be playing there, your just loitering. At this point I’d say that lining up is a misnomer at best and a delusion at worst.

    Just call it the Star Wars Nerdfest or something if you insist on staying there, but please realize that it’s not a line if your not waiting for anything there!

  9. Leave um alone. This is America and people can que up for “not happening” events anytime they like.

    The real question is how do I get a job at the “lineruppers” place of employment. Six weeks off to line up for something that is never going to happen and no questions asked? Or, if your playing hookey from work you best be hopin that your boss does not see you on T.V. or take ina movie anytime soon.

  10. I’m a line member and I’m posting this from work. Take the time to find out how the line actually works before proving your ignorance.

    Anyway, we’ve been working very closely with both Lucasfilm and the Chinese Theater for at least a year. They knew/know we’re there, they’ve pulled strings for us to get the movie played at the Chinese before when it otherwise wouldn’t be playing there, and I know they don’t wish to be seen as squashing a charity fundraiser. I am confident that we’ll get a screening.

  11. I’m just as confident that you’ll get a hose-down from the LAPD for loitering.

  12. The LAPD knows we’re here and we’re on very good terms with them. Ignorance rears its head yet again.

  13. “Take the time to find out how the line actually works before proving your ignorance.”

    Uh, no offense, but this is coming from a guy who is lining up outside a theater for a movie that isn’t going to be shown there. You do realize that, don’t you?

    Why would anyone want to wait in line for anything if you don’t have to? I’ve waited in big lines before for movies, but it was because I HAD to if I wanted to see the movie. I couldn’t be happier that Episode III is gonna be at the Arclight because I can just buy the tickets in advance and have my seats waiting for me, rather than me waiting for them.

    Also, for the guy who was complaining about the price difference: guy, it’s like a $3 difference, and at the Arclight the parking is cheaper. Plus if you don’t go see it in the dome you get stadium seating and a much nicer movie-going experience. If you do see it in the dome, well then the screen is bigger than the Mann’s. The Mann’s may have been the best theater in LA back when Episode IV or even Episode I came out, but it isn’t any more. It’s just got a lot of seating. To be perfectly honest, if I am gonna see a movie there I’d rather see it in one of the smaller theaters because they are much nicer.

    That person above was right: if you guys waiting in line wanna do something for charity, there are MUCH better ways to spend the next 7 weeks, especially if you don’t have a job to go to.

  14. Greg,

    IF there is a charity screening at the Chinese, I’m sure it’ll cost more than most participating in the line that afford.

    Is whatever charity the screening will be for gonna take your “line hours” and tally them up to earn a seat? Nope. They’ll want hard cash. $500-1000 at least. AND it’ll be days before the opening, not midnight opening day. In Boston and Chicago, charity screenings were priced at $400 and up.

    Go home, do some other charity work, and just buy you midnight show ticket online when they become available, and MOVE ON.

    These are not the theatre seats you are looking for.

  15. I was all set to echo Michael’s “leave um alone” sentiment until “line member” Greg opted to pop in and insult him for his “ignorance” at not knowing how the line works.

    Now instead of letting them be I want to go down there and taunt them for the sons and daughters of silly persons they are.

  16. “Why would anyone want to wait in line for anything if you don’t have to?”

    Think of it as a 7-week block party with your best friends. The answer to your question is: it’s fun.

    “Now instead of letting them be I want to go down there and taunt them for the sons and daughters of silly persons they are.”

    By all means. We’re just as entertained by it as those who do it.

  17. Jeez Greg, you take all the fun out of it. I need my tauntees to be as impudent in person as they are online.

  18. Hey Derek, you just don’t get it. It’s not about the movie, it’s about THE LINE!! Seriously dude, I think someone here needs to see the doctor.

  19. “It’s not about the movie, it’s about THE LINE!!”

    Someone give this man a cookie.

  20. “…and which button calls your mom to come and pick you up?”

    I think a lot of people on both sides are missing the point. The people waiting in this line are HUGE Star Wars GEEKS!! I think that most, if not all of them would admit to that. Let them geek out! It gives all us jokester types LOTS of material. No need to get into all of this business about questioning their motives and charities and arclight vs grauman’s and blahblahblah!

    As far as taunting them in line, I’ll leave that to Triumph. I don’t think I could possibly top that act.

  21. Phil – I AM a doctor. And I’ve been doing this for a while. ;)

    As for the “the movie vs. the line”… consider this. We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars in the past for seriously ill children, and have already raised $6000+ this year for them.

    Whether or not the movie is at the Chinese is honestly irrelevant. The more important point is that we’re doing a good thing for some sick kids, and having a good time while we’re doing it.

    As has been mentioned earlier, this same scenario happened in 1999 and 2002, and both times the movie played at the Chinese. So you know what? We’re going to hang out and see how things develop. If it really looks like it WON’T be at the Chinese, then certainly we’ll move.

    But it’s a bit premature to pack up and leave based on these early reports, especially given the history of similar incidents happening in 1999 and 2002.

    p.s. Greg, I want a cookie too. I’m hungry.

  22. Greg – Damn, you need to get a sense of humor. Your partying way to hard in that line. IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE. Of course I figured that you actually have this worked out to fit with your lives.

    I was on my down there this evening to hand out some star wars tees I’ve collected from my vintage company and to take some pics of the line with Sean Bonner. Guess who’s not gettin one because he’s no fucking fun.

    Will – You can have Greg’s shirt!


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  24. A former coworker of mine stood in said line for Ep. I. Apparently one of her best memories of the experience is fucking some guy on top of Lou Rawls’ star — not once, but twice. Now that’s what I call doing it for the kids.

  25. I cannot believe this!! It is so ridiculous and hilarious!

    There are so many better things you could be doing to “help the children”. Like protesting Arnold’s plan to take away what’s left of the schools budget. Or donating money yourself. Or donating time instead of wasting it in a line for a stupid movie. My point is, obviously the “help” you’re giving the children is second to your ridiculous desire to see the movie at a certain movie theatre. I honestly think you’d be there either way.
    PS Star Trek Sucks!!

  26. jozjozjoz, how can you say something like that? Making light of the plight of the naugas isn’t very nice, not at all. You’re so insensitive!

  27. “PS Star Trek Sucks!!”

    Finally, something I think almost all the line members can agree with you guys on.

  28. Cindy – Correction, Star Trek “the next generation” SUCKS.

    Leave um be already! Even though Greg has NO SENSE OF HUMOR and is not getting a free tee I completely support this line. I’ve done some (stupid?) things in the name of fun.

    1. Waiting all night long at the Golden Gate Bridge so that my friends and I could be the first people to roller skate across it in chicken suits to celebrate the 50th anniversary of it’s opening.

    2. I slept in line for three nights to see The Clash and The Who.

    3. I gave Spielberg a chance and went to see A.I.

    Number one was when I was 22. Number two was when I was 17. Number three was when I was 37. See you never out grow (stupid?) fun!

    Just to be clear on a few things. I am not joining this line and Speilberg does NOT get another chance!

  29. can someone nicely explain to me how standing in line raises money for sick kids? like….do you pay to stand in line? why would you pay to stand in line?

  30. People get sponsored by friends, family, etc. to stand in line. It’s like a walk-a-thon or jog-a-thon – this is a stand-a-thon. More hours = more donations = more money for the Starlight-Starbright Foundation.

  31. this is a whole new type of charity event…I propose that we call them “dumb-ass-a-thons”. just think of how much money these toolboxes could raise if they had friggin jobs! that’s right, i said it.

  32. My two cents:

    – If the peops are having fun lining up, I’m okay with that.

    – If other peops want to poke fun at them lining up. I’m okay with that, too.

    – I haven’t been to Westwood in while, but my personal votes for the top theeaters in L.A. are the Mann National followed by the Mann Village, Egyptian Hollywood and the Arclight (Cinerama) Dome. I’m not sure which theater would fill out a top 5 list for me, but I agree wholeheartedly with the people who say Grauman’s Chinese is a great landmark but has sound problems.

    – Despite my personal tastes in theaters, I think it would be great for Episode III to play at the Chinese instead of the Arclight for the obvious historical reasons. I remember standing at in line at the Chinese when I was 9 years old to see the original Star Wars. At that time, I pointed out a man walking down Hollywood Boulevard in a dress. Now, the weirdos don’t just approach the line, they *are* the line (just kidding, weirdos).

    – I don’t have fun lining up. I plan to see the movie at Arclight in early release, then, perhaps, at the Mann Village, if that’s where it plays, when the line dies down.

  33. First off, Episode III doesn’t deserve anything because of “historical significance”. Lucas has trashed any sense of “history” with his prequels because the movies basically shit all over what he created with the original trilogy. Lucas shouldn’t get the golden treatment forever just because he made some fantastic movies 20 years ago. John Landis made “The Blues Brothers” but that didn’t mean that we needed to roll out the red carpet when he released “The Stupids”.

    Second, what the hell are the line people saying when they ask for charity? “Hey, wanna give me and my friends some money to sleep on the street?” I get asked some variant of this all the time in Hollywood, although it usually is just one person asking.

    By the way, is it really a “line” if there’s nothing to line up for? I mean, does the East-most person in the line get anything when the tickets go on sale at the Arclight? No, so it’s actually not a line. Since you all claim it’s about charity and not about the movie, you guys should all go volunteer at a homeless shelter instead. At the very least go have your “stand-a-thon” AT a homeless shelter where it doesn’t block the sidewalk and Bruce Lee’s Hollywood Star! Then you could actually help some charity cases out while you’re standing around, instead of just killing time hoping to get some media coverage (which will be mocking you all anyway).

  34. SILENCE pro-wage-slave propogandists! Waiting in line for six weeks is as important as most of what you do at work!

    WAIT ON LINE-STANDERS! The Revolution waits for no one. You wait for it!

  35. 10 Reasons you should move to the Arclight

    10. The Episode 3 is playing at the Arclight, not Grauman’s Chinese.
    9. Hot chicks go to the Arclight
    8. Caramel Corn!
    7. You won’t trip over the stupid holes in sidewalk like around here.
    6. People will stop telling you to ‘Get a life.’
    5. Natalie Portman goes to the movies at the Arclight.
    4. You’re that much closer to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.
    3. You can play the ‘Count the Hipster’ game.
    2. The Episode 3 is playing at the Arclight, not Grauman’s Chinese.
    1. The Trekkies are laughing at you.

  36. I just realized that Jimmy Kimmel’s show is located directly across the street from the Chinese… they need to get a camera crew and film this line pronto. Their writers don’t even need to write a bit for it… the camera crew can just interview the geeks and the comedy will naturally come from what they have to say.

    Or at the very least, get John Melendez from “The Tonight Show” to ask them some questions. Too bad he’s on a leash now.

  37. To think I was actually one of the few who respected Wil Wheaton and liked him in ST-TNG and was sad to see his part cut in Nemesis. Now he comes out and says that me and my friends have problems because of what we’re doing and because some of us have enjoyed the prequels?

    Thanks for ragging on your fans and supporters of which there’s more then just me in the line. If I choose to spend my free time doing this then I’m allowed that. I work hard, and pay my taxes, let me live the life I choose to live. Sad to see a celebrity I resepected is like the rest of those who can’t accept the differences of others.

  38. I agree the Egyptian is an excellent theater especially for their programming, but their seats are totally uncomfortable after an hour. I have been known to watch 3 movies in a row there sometimes on a weekend, and at the end of that your ass feels like you rode in a cattle drive. Mann National, a good theater but has some sight line problems I feel. For me the best place to see a new film is without a doubt Arclight.

  39. Chris–
    I never realized that because Wil Wheaton is famous he has to accept everyone or somehow he’s a worse person than the rest of us. Way to pull the celebrity card.
    P.S. any of you guys want to answer the question?
    Any time you guys want to answer that, feel free.

  40. Greg: as of June 1st, Star Wars fans won’t have anything to line up for either, and the odds are good that (unfortunately) there will be another Trek movie or show before there will be any more Star Wars stuff to drool over (unless Georgie decides to come out with special edition versions of “Droids” or “Ewoks”).

    Chris: Boo-fucking-hoo. I’m sure Wil is gonna cry himself to sleep tonight because he had the audacity to tell a group of people waiting in line for a movie at the wrong theater that they needed to get a life. At this point while you’re camped out on the street in the middle of the night in front of a theater with “Miss Congeniality 2” plastered all over it, you must realize that 99% of the people are gonna question what the hell you’re doing there. And those 99% probably don’t even know that you’re waiting for a movie that won’t even be shown there. You gotta have thicker skin if you’re gonna be out there on the lunatic fringe with the rest of the freakie-freakies; so get down off that cross cause we need the wood.

  41. 1) Wil Wheaton has made a living off of geeks. Insulting them is poor form at best. Especially now that he’s doing the (new) geek-thing as a blogger-of-fame. He’s fair game as far as I’m concerned.
    2) Cindy, you might try reading previous posts before exhibiting your ignorance; your question about how we raise money by “standing there” has already been addressed.
    BUT for those of you who are still literacy-challenged, I’ll reiterate: we raise money for Starlight/Starbright by “standing there” the same way people raise money by walking down the street for AIDS or cancer research — yes, via good old tax-deductible pledges.
    We don’t have to do this — we could JUST stand there because it’s fun (and it is). But this impulse to do it for charity arises from the line members’ inclinations to do so BECAUSE WE ALREADY DO. We are already, as private citizens, active in many causes.
    We don’t sit on our butts reading blogs all night that make fun of the lifestyles of other people. We are physicians, teachers, artists, writers, students, gay, straight, black, asian, etc. etc. etc. And we have all come together and enjoy each other’s company sitting on Hollywood Blvd., for a few hours each a day, raising money for charity.
    Yeah, I could see the forthcoming Star Wars installment in Burbank (and I guess I might). But I made new friends today and raised a few bucks for kids I’ll never know.
    What did you do today? Mock people? Nice.

  42. Liz, once again, if it’s all about the children, why not go volunteer your time somewhere? Why play “homeless for a day” instead so you can hang with the nerdified version of the united colors of Benetton? If you just bought your tickets to the Arclight online like any sane person would, you could use all that leftover spare time to do something more productive with yourself. At least the AIDS and cancer walkers WALK for their money. You guys are sitting on a street corner under the guise of waiting for a movie, except that the movie won’t be playing there. You guys can’t do your sit-a-thon down the street at the Arclight? Haven’t they invited you to do so? Why be so bitchy and have the sit-a-thon in the wrong place? What the hell is wrong with you people? Wil is right, get a life.

  43. Will Wheaton in no way has to accept everyone, and in the end I don’t give a flying fuck what the hell he thinks of me or my friends but I do think it was bad form insulting some of the people who help keep his royalty checks coming in.

    This too coming from the same Wil Wheaton who visited the Episode 1 line and shot some video segments while he visited us.

    I have no problem with people questioning why I’m out there – go right ahead – but I don’t appreciate people ignorantly insulting what I choose to do with my free time after I’ve put in my time for society, especially when I don’t do the same to others.

    If you want to insult us, come down and say it to our faces. Come and talk to us like adults. Stop hiding behind the internet.

  44. YAMS: To clarify, since you can’t read, and want to play semantics (walking is better than standing, so I guess phoning in support to your favorite charity must be REALLY lame to you): we ARE DOING IT FOR CHARITY. Maybe the movie won’t play here — obviously that ain’t the important thing to us. And we all do things for our own charities all the time — that’s WHY we’re ADDING this activity.
    Again, I ask, what good for your fellow humans did you accomplish today?

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