Star Wars Line Update

Since I know everyone is dying to find out what’s going on with the Star Wars line I’ve taken it upon myself to read through the entire thread at as well as call them several times now and here’s the facts of the moment:

  1. The Star Wars line is still outside of Graumans.
  2. Graumans has confirmed that Star Wars will not be playing at Graumans.
  3. Arclight has confirmed that Star Wars will be playing at Arclight.
  4. The Star Wars line is pissed because they think Star Wars should be at Graumans, not at Arclight, so they are not moving the line in protest.
  5. They also don’t see any reason to move the line, because someone who logs onto the Arclight website will have just as much chance to get good seats as they will waiting outside for a month and a half.
  6. Arclight is trying to convince the Star Wars line to move to Arclight because, well, the movie is actually playing there and not at the theater they are waiting at.
  7. The Star Wars nerds in line are nothing is they aren’t determined and are refusing to move the line.
  8. There’s talk of trying to get Graumans to have a single midnight showing of the movie for charity (between you and me, that’s NEVER going to happen).
  9. No word from Graumans how they feel about a line of people outside of their theater for a movie they won’t be showing.

More updates when I get them. Anyone want to swing by the line and get some photos?

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132 thoughts on “Star Wars Line Update”

  1. I said Mann’s when I meant Grauman’s. May wampas feast on my innards for the faux pas….

  2. you ever think they might allso have some big world premieres taking place in the week after star wars opens. and by premiere i mean the real premiere, not the first time general public gets to see it. i mean the big star studded invitation only red carpet premieres.
    just cause they are not posted online on a website doesnt mean they arent allready booked there.
    i know for a fact that the longest yard is premiereing in there at 7pm on the 19th of may and the following week on the 23rd another movie is premiereing there and on the 31st the sisterhood of the traveling pants is booked to premiere there.

    and guess what i dont think fox is going to let them cancel any of showings of stars wars durring the first 2 weeks it plays to let another studio premiere movies in there.

    i get a kick how in all of these news articles you all go on and on how you want the premiere to be held at the chinese and not at the arc light. well guess what the premiere is in westwood at the mann villiage theatre.
    arc light is only booked for the run of movie not the premiere.
    another thing when episode 1 opened at the chinese theatre in 1999 it had been booked there all along and it played for 4 weeks not this 2 week limited run you all keep babling about.
    same thing with episode 2 it had been booked there for 4 weeks all along. i know this for a fact cause my wife worked at the chinese theatre from 1998 till 2003.

  3. Guys, you are trying to talk sense to people who really have no actual grasp of reality.

    It’s like explaining calculus to an Emu. These are adults who act and behave like children.

    If they really wanted to raise a ton of money for a charity, yeah, there would be a hundred better events that would raise 200 times the money they have raised so far.

    These people aren’t true Star Wars fans — their fans of camping out on the street under the guise that they care for Star Wars and Charity.

    Fox and Lucasfilm aren’t going to cave to pressure cause it would set the wrong precedent. And after some of the mean and nasty things some of these people have spouted off to the media (including the idiotic forcing the sick kids from the charity to stand in line pleading with the media to force Fox to play the movie at the Chinese) as well as their nasty commments about Star Wars and the franchise, I wouldn’t be suprised if Fox and Lucasfilm have had just about enough of them.

    Star Wars is premiering in Westwood for a different charity that Lucasfilm supports. If they were smart, and wanted to get in the good graces of Lucasfilm, they should have picked one of the charities that Lucasfilm was supporting for the 5 charity premieres.

    And its funny, their anti-Arclight attitude is really weird. If you look in their events section, they have organized group events to various films to see them at the Arclight. Talk about hypocrites.

  4. PARAMOUNT is a co-owner of the chinese theatre, and they want to play there movie the longest yard in there, and being that they co own the theatre, i would say they dont have to bow to any pressure.
    that would be like FORCEing the disney owned el capitan to play madagascar in there cause jeffrey katzenberg was one of the main people at disney who was behind disney purchasing the el cap to show disney films, and to host there premieres.
    here is a idea.
    if you dont like arclight fine!!! i dont either i especially hate the dome, i will never pay to see a movie there.
    but why not line up infront of the vista.
    the vista is a historic theatre and if iam to remember correctly they showed all the starwars films each year they were released and they are even lower in price than graumans and they dont have reserved seating heck they dont even sell advanced tickets, and best of all you are still lined up on your beloved hollywood blvd.
    dont get me wrong i love the chinese in my opinon its one of the best screens in the country,(it is the 2nd biggest ive been told as well.) and ive been to a lot of theatres in this country and i was a projectionist for many years in new york . but the movie is not playing at the chinese and it wont,maybe one day it will when lucas releases the 3d versions but for now for better or for worse (well i would lean for worse) the arc light has the movie.
    guys the vista is a awesome theatre and it has great leg room. and they even have hand prints in the font of the box office to. not star wars mind you but still they have handprints.
    and if you absoulutely mad about seein it in digital at manns go to the mann glendale exchange where they are showing it in digital and they like the vista have the 4.75 bargin matinee prices.
    or you can go the theatre thats having the employee screening and the world premiere the mann village theatre.
    it is ashame they are not going to get to show that movie on graumans 2k DLP though.
    cause untill the 4k that sony is working on is released latter this year that is the best dlp projector, its a shame they dont show more movies in dlp on that projector at graumans.
    but theres nothing that you can do for that myself though ive got to run ive got to form a line for the Longest Yard infront of the cinerama dome. got to try to force them to show the movie on there neck hurting dome screen.

  5. wow i find it funny none of you have tried to say my statements are wrong, its cause you all know that what i said was correct.
    you know something i was just looking at some pictures of the theatre and the crowds that were there when star wars opened there 1977 and the amount of people you have there in your line isnt even a fraction of the people who were lined up for the first movie.

  6. It appears that the pseudo — star wars freaks have finally given up explaining themselves and have gone into hiding with their friends. “They can’t hurt us anymore, they can’t hurt us anymore.”

  7. Not in hiding, just enjoying good times with our friends and family in line while we let those who care to, spew out their little statements all trying to seem like a bigger prick then the one before. That’s fine…that’s your right…

    Just like it’s my right to hang out with my friends whereever I want, even in front a theater that may not be showing the movie we want, even better I’m raising money for charity as I do. When was the last time you could hang out at Starbucks and raise money for a worthwhile charity?

    Years from now I will look back at all the good times I had with my friends and family, raised a lot of money for charity, and seen Episode 3 with the group I want to see it with, regardless if it’s at the Chinese or not.


  8. Years from now you will look back and think, what a fucking idiot I was? Of course this will be in your one bedroom apartment while having dinner with that new blow up doll you bought at the local porn store.

  9. “and seen Episode 3 with the group I want to see it with, regardless if it’s at the Chinese or not.”

    If only you spent as much time learning propper grammar.

  10. i work across the street as well as live in the area, these people are more entertaining then the movie will likely will be.

  11. This is great…someone telling me how I’m going to look back on my life…and this coming from someone who seems to have nothing better to do then continually post rude comments about people they’ve never met.

    Then the only attack someone else can make is on my grammar. Since when did grammar, let alone spelling count on a blog?

    This is fucking funny!

    Since some people seem to think they have me pegged as some loser who’s got some one bedroom apartment, or lives with his parents I’ll set the record straight…

    * I am a happily married man who has sex three times a week with my wife
    * I have an incredible, healthy and intelligent 7 year old son who is far ahead of his classmates
    * I have a permanent job and am part of the management team
    * I make enough money to allow me to OWN a three bedroom home in Torrance (and not the cheap scummy part)without having to stress about making the mortgage payments
    * Am able to pay all the bills, and put food on the table without having to live from one paycheck to the next
    * Own two cars (1998 & 2001)that were both bought new
    * Have absolutely NO CREDIT CARD DEBT

    …and I did it all without a college degree.

    Don’t believe me? E-mail me and we’ll meet up and I’ll show you in joke.

    Yeah…I’d say I’ve done pretty well and am so far from this description that you like to continually spew out.

    I still invite each and every one of you to come down and meet us face to face. Talk to us civilly, you might be surprised who some of us really are.

    P.S. I kindly ask that you don’t insult or make any rude comments about my wife or son, even in jest…I would never make fun of your family and would appreciate a small amount of respect when it comes to them.

  12. What is it with this cult? I mean, I am sure the local gay bathhouse is misunderstood too, but I don’t have any desire to go down there. Neither do I need to go to the local Scientology center and take courses to know that they are bad. I read your message board, and your true personalities come out there. You can try to put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

  13. “If only you spent as much time learning propper grammar.”

    Karen, if only you spent as much learning “propper” spelling.

  14. you know what really bothers me about you people in line,
    i work at the kodak theatre and everyday this week ive walked in on some of the men from the line in the 2nd and 3rd level bathrooms batheing and shaving and cleaning themselves in the sinks in the restrooms of the mall. you people are just as bad as the homeless people who do the same thing at the mcdonalds across the street from the mall.
    your guys trash is all over the place and you are blocking the sidewalks,infront of the grant parking lot.
    i have friends who work for grant parking and they complain about you losers all the time.
    you give the hollywood and highland mall a bad name by doing that crap. our bathrooms arent your personal dressing rooms. stay the hell out or you will be banned from using them.
    the mall security know about what you all are doing in the restrooms,and ive been told they will be cheking up on you.
    ill be so glad when the arc light starts selling tickets maybe youll finnaly go away.
    (and i know they were cause some of them have had star wars lining shirts on or star wars toys with them or in star wars costumes.)

  15. Nuts –
    I haven’t a care in the world if you or anyone else for that matter like us or not. I have issues with people incorrectly describing our social and/or financial status when you’ve never met a single one of us.

    Interesting to see that you’re a religous bigot. I may not choose to practice Scientology but I respect their right to practice religion as they see fit. I hope you’re not seeing any movies with one of the many celebrities that are Scientologists, otherwise you’re just contributing to something that you define as bad.

    How anyone can state that true personalities can be gathered from an electronic medium that emits no tone or any body language is fucking nuts.

    Thank you for letting me know about the bathing and shaving. I know that the complex was kind enough to agree to let us use their restrooms for basic restroom use, and as I understand it that’s all our line members are supossed to be using it for. I will have someone look into this and keep it from hapenning. If it continues to happen, please e-mail me at the address on the link.

    I will also help make sure that things are more cleaned up as I do not want the area to look bad.

  16. thank you man for listening to my concerns, aslong as the people in your line are respectful of those who live and work in the area of the hollywood and highland entertainment complex.
    its just when you see people doing things like batheing and changing and shaveing in a public bathroom its kind of nasty. this is why there are so few public restrooms on hollywood blvd. and the ones that are there for the most part make you pay a quater our restrooms in hollywood and highland dont do that but people keep that crap up and they will close them to the people who really need them the touristst i can appreiciate your excited about seeing the movie but make sure one or two of your people dont ruin the reputation of the rest of your group.
    just out of curiosity what will you do when tickets go on sale at the arc light willyou buy them for the opening night at another theater, or will you just stay there and not line up at another place.

  17. Shower-
    I fully agree with all your thoughts on the appearance that makes. I have alerted the group to this and the people who had worked with the management at H&H will follow up on it. I have a lot of pride in Los Angeles and Hollywood and like to have it keep up a good appearance as well. Once again if there seems to be no progress, please e-mail me.

    As for the tickets at the Arclight, the group has not yet come to a decision as to what to do but we’re all working together to come up with a solution that allows all of us as a group to see it together.

    No matter what happens we will remain on Hollywood Blvd for a wide variety of reasons which include:
    * Increased visibility for the charity component of our line
    * Power for the computer, web cam and lights
    * DSL Line
    * The wide variety of shops/eateries in the area
    * The relationships we’ve established with the many businesses
    * Hollywood Blvd’s unique atmosphere

    I for one am having a lot of fun and have met a lot of great people not only in the line, but the many tourists who come through there. With all due respect to the Arclight, and Cineramadome it just wouldn’t be the same on Sunset Blvd.

  18. “these people are more entertaining then the movie will likely will be.”

    Funnily enough, I think most of us line members feel the same way.

  19. Shower-
    Forgot to mention that the folks in the Vader/Tie Fighter pilot costumes are not with us. They are one of those many characters that roam the Chinese courtyard taking pictures with the tourists.

    The most I’ve seen in terms of a costume in line is just someone in a Jedi robe and is for them just a Star Warsy way of keeping warm.

  20. I just want to say hi to the lady in line that looks like a cross between a weeble and a troll.
    You in line know who she is, she has that real big butt, fuzz growing on her mummy teeth and is about 4about 4ft8in tall.


  21. Translations:

    *Increased visibility for the charity component of our line

    We are media and attention whores who can give a rats ass about the charity. We use the charity so we won’t get kicked off the street. The charity aspect is there for our benefit. However, anytime anyone looks at us funny for waiting six weeks for a movie, we immediatly become “the charity line that oh by the way is waiting for star wars.” We hope it makes our critics feel guilty for mocking us.

    * Power for the computer, web cam and lights

    In our world view, the Arclight does not run on electicity. And there is no way that the Arclight would ever let us borrow power from them knowing that having the star wars line there would attract media attention to them. Nope never would happen.

    * DSL Line

    There is no way that there could be a DSL installed somewhere near the Arclight. The Arclight would be totally uncoopertive.

    * The wide variety of shops/eateries in the area

    We are blind to see all the businesses from Jack in the Box, Thai places, Arclight Restaurant to Baja Fresh that are in walking distance from the Arclight. There is a cool record store, book store and shops in the new Sunset and Vine area.

    * The relationships we’ve established with the
    many businesses

    While we established all these “relationships” on Hollywood Blvd., for some reason we lose the ability to establish the same relationships with businesses on Sunset Blvd. Must be the dark side of the force on that street.

    * Hollywood Blvd’s unique atmosphere

    Homeless people, drug dealers and tourists— we are truly attention whores. The atmosphere around the Arclight is that of actual movie and music fans who would probably look down on our little cult.

  22. Hahaha! So… FUNNY…! But so inaccurate.

    One more time! — The organizers of the line have been working for over a year with the businesses and police of the area where the line is now,
    so that everyone could be aware of our presence before the line moved in, and any issues could be worked out in advance.
    Moving it now is simply NOT as easy as you make it out to be.
    It’s a timing thing, not a “we wont do it!” thing.



  24. yeah just like it was fun to watch the homeless guy you let sleep with you throw your computer on the ground the other day.

  25. i bought my tickets at arc light today, and i was told by the box office person, that you guys bought like 180 tickets and might not even be using them just out of spite.
    what a bunch off gay buttfucking losers.

  26. can anyone get some video of these people standing in line and send it to me? i’m in texas, but i’m hoping to do a documentary on all this star wars hype.

  27. Everyone associated with any type of dressing up or waiting in line for hours, or both, should seriously question the purpose of their meaningless lives. How big of a loser are you really trying to be. Go help the needy instead of tryig to become the biggest geek possible.

  28. Whats that you say, your all a bunch of attention seeking losers
    Why yes, you are

  29. “The organizers of the line have been working for over a year with the businesses and police of the area where the line is now”

    Transalation– we went to Burger King one weekend and told the fry person we were planning a line. How much fucking work did this need? Talk about overkill. If these losers decided to bake a cake it would take six weeks as they get approvals from flour companies.

    Whatever, its all over – you guys were exposed as media whores and idiots. The world laughs at you and you seem to enjoy that.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again “the people involved with are fucking nuts.”

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