Star Wars Line: In Person!

Star Wars Line Payphone

Just got back from the Star Wars Line (that being the line we’ve been talking about that is outside of a theater where the movie isn’t going to be playing) where normal people can walk right up to and actually speak with huge nerds. I can say that because while I was standing there talking to said huge nerds some tourist walked by and said “outta my way nerd.” I guess I was taking up too much sidewalk space and blended in too well or something. Anyway, I took a bunch of photos (flickr tag ‘starwarsline’) like the one above of the legendary payphone [give ’em a call! (323) 462-9609 – tell them sent you] and this one of their signs and this one of the line or this one of some other dude taking Star Wars Line photos or this one of their internet setup. Holy Crap! Did I mention their internet setup? So it turns out the touristy crap store on the corner has a DSL line on the back that the line waiters have plugged into and are getting power from them (though some kind of sponsorship / jedi mind trick thingy) so they are pretty locked in. There’s also this photo of the Cinegrill sign right across the street from the line that reads “The revolution is around the corner” which is damn funny because Arclight (where Star Wars will actually be playing) is in fact around the corner.

And now, for a first – Here’s a 600K video file (in 3GP format) that I took on my treo of the line. Click here to download file. I’ve never done anything like that before but I think it turned out pretty cool.

AND – looks like LA isn’t the only place where this is going down – here’s a guy in Seattle who is blogging his wait.

SO – just to keep everyone up on the situation – Star Wars Line is still at Graumans, Star Wars will not be playing at Graumans, Star Wars will be playing at Arclight, Star Wars Line is not at Arclight. Make sense? Didn’t think so.

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