Opening Day for Reals

That Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is so quaint, isn’t it? Those folks back east and their cute little states and dense urban-wasteland cities — nothing much but sports to lift their spirits in the hellholes they call home. Well, sports and prodigious amounts of alcohol and drugs, but never mind. Of course, the Eastern SPorts Network plays up the Sox/Yanks like crazy, as does MLB itself, presenting their first game as the only one on “opening day.”

And then we have the *real* opening day, which is today, April 5th.

Dodgers vs Giants. 1:15pm Pacific Time.

Now *that’s* a rivalry.

One problem, though: who the hell’s bright idea was it to start the game at lunch when I’m at work? Probably the online MLB.TV. The bastards! What a hustle.

5 thoughts on “Opening Day for Reals”

  1. booyah!

    i’m going to wednesday’s game at the evil(but pretty) sbc park. i’ll be one of a handful of brave, blue-wearing, LA fans in a hostile land.

    contributions for my hospital bills can be pay-pal-ed . . . .

  2. everything, including the baseball team, is better in northern california. go giants. but either way, no west coast rivalry can really compete with the sox/yankees. that shit runs DEEP over there. when i went to school in boston, cars were overturned, windows smashed, and people were killed after sox/yankees games. here, you get stuck in traffic in the parking lot.

    no competition.

  3. Sorry, anon, no dice.

    First off, people get killed after Giants-Dodgers games, too. In fact the last one I can recall was from a couple of years ago where a Giants fan shot a Dodgers fan in a Dodgers Stadium parking lot. And don’t even think about bringing up riots. We know how to do riots *proper*.

    Secondly, I was born in NoCal, so you’re right about at least one aspect of the everything is better deal. ;)

    And the only reason the Sox/Yanks was such a big deal is because the Red Sox couldn’t win a fucking thing since 1918, something both the Giants and Dodgers managed to do. That’s not a rivalry, that’s a curse. By that rationale, the Cubs have had a rivalry with themselves for going on a century now… come to think of it, that’s not far off being true. ;D

  4. “nothing much but sports to lift their spirits in the hellholes they call home”?????

    New York,you really have spent to much time in LA if you think thats true

    Boston, you are probably right on that one! F*ck em.

  5. Everything is so not better up here I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps with the weather . . .

    In terms of riots – no, actually, I’d say Cali got nuthin’ on the charming rioting fools of Detroit and most other mid-west/eastern sports-crazed teams.

    Let the Sox/Yankees keep duking it out. Really doesn’t effect me.

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