LACMA Lowdown

A whirlwind of news pertaining to LACMA has occurred this week with the announcement that their Director of 10 years, Andrea Rich (who had zero background in art when hired), will be “retiring” in November. Sometimes “retiring” is just a nice way of saying “asked to step down”. As such, I’ve been blogging about it on abLA and have even gotten some inquiries from “reputable” Los Angeles publications as to who the sources for info are – I mean, how could blogs know about something before them? Sigh.

Here’s the order of events…
1. Emergency meeting called in with LACMA board members with one member flying in for the occasion.
2. Andrea Rich announces her leave.
3. Christopher Knight’s take.
4. And who you can contact for the position we all can assume is why she left.

And remember kids, this is the woman who’s bringing LA that awesome King Tut show!