Is There A Thesaurus In The House?

bigidea.jpgVenturing over to former mayoral hopeful Bob Hertzberg’s re-visioned website, I noticed he’s showing some immediate link-love to L.A. Voice, Noti Los Angeles, and L.A. Observed for noticing the post-election changes he made around his webspace.

I was and still am a fan of Hertzberg, remaining so even after he was one of the vast majority of candidates to disappointingly ignore the questions compiled and posted by Jonah at L.A. Blogs ó answered only by Jim Hahn and Bill Wyatt. Well, perhaps he’s got a little more time on his hands now. As such and with his open encouragement of participation, I’ve got a little big idea I’d like to throw his way: Get over “opine.” Put the word down and step away from it.

Seriously, 14 uses can be found scrolling through just two days of Bob’s “Daily Digests” (via Brian Hay). In them the Los Angeles Times “opines,” Joe Domanick “opines,” so does Tom Elias in the Daily Breeze, as does the Daily News (four times), along with Melina Abdullah, Matt Welch, Allan Weiner, and others ó all of ’em opining to the left, right and center. Opine opine opine. Oh stop and get Bob (or Brian) a Roget’s so that they can instead “surmise” or “infer” or “speculate” or “conject.”

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