USC’s First Look Festival begins tonight @ the DGA

Tonight I’ll make the trek over to the DGA to catch the first night of USC’s First Look Festival, a twice-yearly event showcasing recent USC film works.

I’m actually there to see one specific film, Spin, by my friend David Marmor (previously pimped here on It’ll actually be the “Last Look” of Spin here in L.A., having screened (to date) in over 46 film festivals around the world. I’m looking forward to “spontaneously” cheering on David’s film and if you go, I hope you’ll join me in doing so.

Tickets are free, parking is free in the DGA lots, and there’s going to be free food in the lobby afterwards. So really, why not go?

The comprehensive four-program festival features advanced short film projects produced by students in class workshops or as independent projects. It is free to the public.

The first festival of 2005 will take place April 4-9. The festivalís annual animation night, a full evening devoted exclusively to animation projects, will be offered on April 8.

The selected student films will be shown Monday, April 4 through Friday, April 8, at the DGA Theater at 7920 Sunset Blvd. Screenings will begin at 7:30 p.m. each night.

On Saturday, April 9, all films shown throughout the week will repeat during the course of the day at Frank Sinatra Hall, located in the Eileen Norris Theatre Complex on the USC campus.

Fifty-one films ñ from dramas and documentaries to comedies and animated shorts ñ will be included in this yearís program.

Among the notable filmmakers who have showcased their first efforts at the festival are Gary Fleder (ìKiss the Girlsî), Luke Greenfield ( ìGirl Next Doorî), Mollie Jones (the upcoming ìChinese Babyî), Anne Misawa (Edenís Curve), Bryan Singer (ìX-Men,î ) and Jon Turteltaub (ìWhile You Were Sleepingî). [full story]

2 thoughts on “USC’s First Look Festival begins tonight @ the DGA”

  1. Went to the first look program tonight. Was very good all around, especially -Spin-. A 40-ish couple sitting next to us said that -Spin- was the best film they had seen thus far (-Spin- was shown 4-5 films in to the first night’sprogram). Thanks again JozJozJoz for posting this cool event.

    Just don’t handle your cell phone at all in the Theatre ;)

    (they had to stop one film and escort a couple of guys in the audience out who had had a confrontation about a cell phone; apparently one guy snapped the other guys phone in half after the latter began talking or handling it at the start of one of the films). Yikes!

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