Trafficking in traffic

Lord knows the internets are full of mis-, dis- and various other types of information but I like it when I’m at least made aware of some potentially useful tidbit to vet for verity, like the likelihood of beating a ticket via court date vs. written declaration.

This from, the all-about-traffic site maintained by some L.A.-based documentary filmmakers trying to raise the dough for a docu about (you guessed it) traffic and how we deal with it.

Registration is required for some of the features and as of now, I’m not finding a whole lotta great tips in the Shortcuts Forum, but some of the stories are good and the links page alone is worth the visit. Ticket Assassin, the site with the 411 on fighting your citation, also has an invaluable guide outlining what to do in case you get pulled over. I’m printing out the PDF and sticking it somewhere EZ to reach (hint: glove box = bad idea) just in case…

Via Daily Candy LA.