Star Wars NOT playing at Graumans!

Earlier I posted about a line of people outside of Graumans waiting for Star Wars tickets and almost immediately there after the comments started filling up with people questioning if the movie was even going to be playing there. Turns out it’s not. Ataki just posted the link to the offical news (on the message boards) confirming that this info is in the hands of the people in line. From the post:

I just got off the phone with my contact at Mann Corporate. It is indeed officially NOT booked and with no plans for booking, as the GM had told me earlier today.

She said that our line actually came up in their meeting today, but the decision had been made about a week ago. She then forwarded me to the CEO of Mann where I spoke to the CEO’s secretary as he had already left.

She said that they didn’t have too much say in it and that the ultimate decision to play the movie at the Arclight came from 20th Century Fox.

When I called this morning the guys in line I talked to said they’d heard the rumors but someone from Graumans told them there was a 70% chance it would be playing there so that’s why they were lining up even though all the reports were screaming Arclight instead. I’ve been trying to call the payphone for the last 10 minutes and getting a busy signal non-stop which means either tons of people are asking them the same questions I want to, or they’ve left and someone forgot to hang up the phone. More news when I get it.

UPDATE: Just got through and talked to a guy in line who said they did not know that it wasn’t happening (they don’t have wifi there – guess star wars geeks are clued into the laptop to bluetooth connections like us tech geeks) and if it was indeed official that was news to them. He said he’d pass that info along and see what the people wanted to do.

UPDATE 2: There are now Arclight employees commenting in the thread and responding to attacks that the theater isn’t nerdy enough or something. As someone who has watched the original Triology more than 200 times (at least) has seen Episode I & II opening days even after knowing about Jar Jar’s existance I have to say I’m way more excited to see it at Arclight if that’s where it ends up. It’s a much better movie watching experience, by a long shot. One of the Arclight employees says:

What I do know is that Arclight as a company is excited to having ROTS play there. For reasons monetary and not. We’re planning some cool things that I cannot say because it hasn’t been finalized yet. I was asked to come up with ideas. I’m personally excited about the possibilities.

So.. will there be a line at Arclight? I just called the line (which despite what is being said in the comments is still there and in full effect) and they said “The same thing happened in 99 and 2002, we’re all vetrans of this and haven’t decided if we should move the line or not yet – but we’re still here for sure.” If the line is symbolic, I’m guessing it will be more symbolic if it’s in front of a theater where the movie will actually be playing. Just my thoughts.

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  1. i was out for an evening walk and decided to swing by grauman’s to check out the line, but the premiere for “sahara” was going on with the theater all blocked off, so i guess if they were in line they are not anymore. and kind of off topic, but matthew mcconaughey (sp?) happened to show up as we were there and came over to the crowd on the other side of the street to sign autographs.

  2. We are still here in line at Grauman’s – in fact, I’m here typing a post from the line spot. We aren’t leaving – we could care less about the Arclight and that’s not where we are moving the line. This sort of thing has happened 2 times now and we are still in line at the theatre where the movie should premiere. Whether it does not remains to be seen in our book.

  3. Very dramatic–this could be a Peter Jackson/Philippa Boyens film in itself.

  4. How very “South Park” of the folks in line. What happens when, as the opening approaches, the Arclight line won’t let the Graumann’s line cut in? Light sabre battles? Or do they let their mommies decide?

  5. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    Stay at the Chinese! Please stay there – even if the movie doesn’t play there, don’t come to the Arclight!

    I go to that gym next to the Arclight, and I don’t want to trip over fan boys (and girls) everyday when I’m staggering in to do my cardio to bad top 40.

    You’re happy where you are..

  6. Yes, we are happy where we are. Where we have relationships with the local businesses and the theatre (who is happy we are there – they want the movie too) and the police. We would never line up at the Arclight – defeats the purpose of lining up. Our line is still there and strong because the Chinese is where the movie should premiere. Whether it does or not remains to be seen. Stranger things have happened but our plan B will have nothing to do with the Arclight.

  7. Worthless? I think not. We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars in the past for seriously ill children, and have already raised $6000+ this year for them.

    Whether or not the movie is at the Chinese is honestly irrelevant. The more important point is that we’re doing a good thing for some sick kids, and having a good time while we’re doing it.

    As has been mentioned earlier, this same scenario happened in 1999 and 2002, and both times the movie played at the Chinese. So you know what? We’re going to hang out and see how things develop. If it really looks like it WON’T be at the Chinese, then certainly we’ll move.

    But it’s a bit premature to pack up and leave based on these early reports, especially given the history of similar incidents happening in 1999 and 2002.

  8. What happened to

    Bet cha their hosting company pulled the plug.

    How sad. I wanted to see all the sad lonely people who line up for this stuff.

    I love seeing full grown virgin men parade around in costumes, assuming characters that remove them from the painful reality that they will never intimately see a vagina in person.

  9. Ummm… huh?

    Our site’s had issues over the last couple of days because of all the traffic from referrers like BoingBoing.

    And if you really want to see the sad lonely freaks, why not come down and visit? We’re even more pathetic and repulsive in real life!

  10. I love seeing miss kitty looking all sad that her fantasy of Jedi-guys has been wrecked…poor sad internet girl…

  11. It’s very heartwarmning to see everyone talking about the latest Star Wars Movie. Bravo to the hearty souls who have started the line at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. It’s a tradition and now a part of the L.A. culture. In all of the years that this right of passage has been on-going there has been no violence and no hassle. The experience has been BEAUTIFUL! Long live the memories of those you have shown loyalty and perserverance to this ideal: The Star Wars Line.

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