Star Wars geeks already lining up @ Grauman’s

I try to avoid Hollywood & Highland as much as possible but now I might have to go by and snap some photos of this line. According to Boing Boing not only are they already lining up, but the are answering the payphone:

“Jess sez, ‘Star Wars fans are already lining up at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles for the Episode III premiere in six weeks. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the fact that they are apparently answering the payphone outside the theatre. Give them a ring at (323) 462-9609 and see who answers.’ I just rang it and the guy who answered it did a great impression of someone answering a pay phone in line for Star Wars — so it may even be true!”

I haven’t called myself yet, but that’s because I’d probably end up trading ANH or ESB quotes with whoever answered and that would be just plain sad.

UPDATE: OK, so after I saw the comment here that Episode III is being shown at Arclight NOT Graumans (and a few people e-mailed me the same thing) I decided to call. The guy in the line who I talked to said they have spoken to Grauman’s and have been told that regardless of what has been reported so far there is a 70% chance the movie is going to be at Graumans, not Arclight. He also asked me to post a link to their site where the are posting more info.

UPDATE 2: It’s officially NOT playing at Graumans. More details in this new post.

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  1. More interestingly, is that Star Wars will actually be shown at the Arclight, not at the Mann Chinese this time around.
    Alas… they’re in the wrong line.

  2. I called the line too, and the fellow in line thought there was a “70% chance” that Ep. II would be at the Chinese. Does someone have something definitive from one of the theatres themselves.

    (see my link for an account. funny.)

  3. I don’t get it. Why wait in line when tickets will be available online as well? Or am I missing something here? And boy, wouldn’t it suck if it was indeed shown at the ARclight and not the Chinese Theatre?

  4. Are you crazy PLEASE be at the Arclight and not the Chinese! Not only does the Arclight have superior picture and sound, but the reserved seating means you can arrive at a reasonable time before the show starts and not say 4 hours before to start lining up so that you are not stuck in the front row. BTW, The Arclight already has a page up on their website saying Star Wars WILL be playing there. My fingers are crossed.

  5. Not only is it up at the Arclight Web site, but during a discussion about the Sin City midnight show, an Arclight employee mentioned about how they were bracing for an even bigger impact when Star Wars arrives.

    Maybe this is one special instance to show a film at both theaters: Arclight gets the nod for presentation, comfort and convenience, while Grauman’s offers significant historical value for the hardcore fans.

  6. Tickets for the midnight show at the Chinese for Star Wars have never been sold online – only at the box office. Other showings sure but if midnight show, box office only. And Arclight jumped the gun in posting they have the movie. We’d never line up at the Arclight – it’s all about the Chinese and the history of that theatre…. and lining up itself is super fun. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  7. I have tried it. I waited in line for several hours for the Special Editions of the original trilogy at the Chinese, and it was not fun.

    Someone had the brilliant idea of blasting the Star Wars soundtracks on a boom box. It got pretty annoying after awhile. Too bad iPods weren’t available back then!

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s roasting of Star Wars fans waiting in line for Episode I summed it up best.

  8. I forgot to mention that the two Cantina Band songs were the two pieces from the soundtrack that were played the most, ad nauseum.

  9. For those curious about why those in line feel there is still a “70% chance” that Episode III will open May 19 at Grauman’s Chinese, one of the threads on the message board reports that a man named “Carlos” representing the theater relayed that number to those in line.

  10. It’s hillarious to see some people complain about the ‘cold’ atmosphere of the Arclight. I would rather have a ‘cold’ atmosphere with excellent sound than the boomy, echo chamber of the Chinese. It sounds ike the bad ‘church hall’ setting on an old receivers. Lining up for a month may seem like ‘super fun’, but some of us actually have these things called jobs and lives.

  11. What’d be funnier is if someone started a line at the Arclight earlier today before these guys had a chance to relocate.

  12. It would be silly to line up at the arclight because there is no need for lines there. Counting down tried it for Spiderman and it fizzled out in 2 days. Add that to the fact that Arclight jumped the gun by putting Ep 3 up on the coming soon list before contracts were finalized, thereby pissing of people at Fox, and we’ve got ourselves a recipe for hope.

  13. The only reason why these losers are lined up on Hollywood Boulevard near the Chinese Theater is that they are attention whores. It’s the only way these nerds will ever get attention.

    On, they were actually posting threats on their messageboard about bringing sick and disabled kids from their charity to parade in front of the media to force Fox to change the theater. Pathetic. They backtracked after the media got a hold of it by saying it was a rogue member — but that member appears to be one of the top leaders in the group. Rogue my ass — they got caught being asshats.

  14. I will freely admit that it was a SINGLE asshat comment by one of our members. It does NOT represent who we are and what we’re trying to do. Please note the LACK of support for said asshat and his comments.

    Honestly, I could care less about the media attention. I’m just looking to have fun and raise some money for sick kids. If the media out there helps us raise more money, though, so much the better. As a physician, I’ve personally seen the good work that the Starlight Foundation does, and I’ll stick around in line on Hollywood Blvd. whether the movie’s there or not to raise money for that worthy cause.

  15. We have no “top leaders” at LiningUp.Net. We have outspoken people eager to help. No one’s in charge, and no one’s opinion is more valued than someone elses.

    With that in mind, what Sameer said is true. We didn’t “backtrack” a thing. One person made an outrageous statement, and we jumped all over him for it, and rightly so.

    KOGANUTS, you’re absoloutly right about the SE lines. They were boring as hell, and nowhere near the experience I’ve had in all three prequel lines.

  16. Hey BILLYBOB: learn, then, post. We have no leaders. I’m learning to laugh at you blog-addicts!

  17. “Honestly, I could care less about the media attention. ”

    Then why is your group sending out press releases? Why do you have a press spokesperson named Sarah Spraugue (according to the AP report)?

    “raise some money for sick kids”

    C’mon, you must think we are dumb. The only reason for the charity angle is so the cops won’t throw you off the street for loittering. Since this charity appears to be the same one used in all prequel lines, what exactly did you do to help out your charity between lines? When your messageboard was open to the public, it was clear you existed and did events between Star Wars prequels. Nothing I bet.

    “We have no “top leaders” at LiningUp.Net.”

    What is Liningup like a commune? Are you all communists? Is this some type of cult? Obviously you do have leaders, though you may or may not call them that? Someone is making decisions, unless every night you summon everone signed up for the line to vote on every minute detail.

  18. Jeez, lighten up. So they take a month off to do something they percieve as fun. It has absolutely no impact on the quality of your life so calm down. And no David, they are not all after your ‘precious bodily fluids’ so just put the gun down…

  19. These people sound like the worst sort of Star Wars fans and they seem to like to lie. So, if I want to call them on their bullshit, so be it. What’s it to you?

  20. “unless every night you summon everone signed up for the line to vote on every minute detail.”

    Actually that’s pretty much the jist of it, comradski.

  21. does anyone have any pics from this? im in australia so im away from all the ACTION

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