Weird sights spotted yesterday while driving around L.A.

– Man in his 20s wearing loose “prison-striped” clown pants with combat boots, black shirt, spiky hair. He was accompanied by a girl with straight bangs and stringy black hair wearing all black (typical goth outfit)… was too distracted by the guy’s clothes to get any detail on her outfit. I want to know when clown pants became goth-wear.

– Older (60ish?) African-American man walking around Hollywood with a messenger bag strapped over his shoulder and hanging in front of him. He had a watermelon clasped up against his body with both his hands. No other groceries. Just a watermelon.

This one is via teebubble and musikchyck
– A guy wearing women’s undies (women’s boy briefs) which were light purple with white flowers and a wife-beater, while biking down the street. He stopped to fix his dirty/greasy hair in his reflection in a store window before going into Astro Burger.

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  1. “Prison striped clown” pants are part of the whole Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas look. I love goth fashion!

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