SRL Wrapup

If you were able to make it to the SRL show last night that we’ve been talking about then your ears are most likely still rigning. If you weren’t, you’ll have to try to soak it in from these:

Mack Reed (who took the above photo) has a detailed report, photos and silent video online at LA Voice.

Scott Beale from Laughing Squid e-mailed me last night that he has tons of “behind the barrior” photos as he helped coordinate security and thing. Those photos should be online sometime thig morning.
Friday setup | Saturday setup | Saturday show | Saturday post-show.

My good friend Michael Baffico from Super Lucky Cat lives only a few blocks from what became ground zero and he secured a front row spot for him and his video camera. I’ll be getting this footage up as soon as I can get it from him.

If you missed the event and this coverage isn’t enough to satisfy your questions, have a friend sneak up behind you and bang giant metal pans together and light your hair on fire with a hairspray induced fireball while you are watching these videos. That might help you visualize things a little better.

3 thoughts on “SRL Wrapup”

  1. Get them to wave a burning tire in your face and hit you in the chest with a tight-coiled, naphthalene-soaked towel every 27 seconds, too. That oughta do it.

  2. At least there was some kind of authenticity to it, unlike the superficial musings of Matthew Barney. The “art” world today is obsessed with anything it deems to be clever, when most of the work is merely faux-cerebral. Matthew has an interesting vision, but, the poor, phoney prosthetic make-up and digital effects let him down. Also, there is very little emotional or spiritual content, which leaves the work lacking. Not that this matters to the so-called art-world, when spirituality and emotion aren’t considered tenable concepts. Postmodernism: no god, no truth, only “competing narratives.” Barney is extremely overrated. I can think of many other artists whose work is more powerful: Gaspar Noe, Micheal Haneke, and others…

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