Insurgent Muse on American Apparel

LA-based blog Insurgent Muse has a post today regarding the practices of American Apparel and questioning if founder Dov is moving away from the ethical practices that made AA a hit.

Now Adria Vasil of Now Toronto has given me a biting critique of American Apparel, pointing out that yes, Dov is a total sleaze, but worse, he may also be turning his back on the very principles that American Apparel was founded on. First, he didn’t support his workers when they started an effort to unionize. Now he’s moving away from the label “sweatshop free” altogether, calling it “passe” opening the doors for a complete abandonment of his promises of fair labor practices.

6 thoughts on “Insurgent Muse on American Apparel”

  1. Caryn – You know I can’t resist commenting on apparel related topics.

    1. I read the entire article and nowhere do I see anything about Dov abandoning his principles? Scaling back wages, yearly raise freeze, loss of benefits, those are “abandoning principles” Did he do any of those?

    2. I wouldn’t support my workers if they wanted to unionize. I think I’m better to them than some damn coruption ridden union would be. I wouldn’t stop them but, why would he want to support an outside group coming in to his factory and f*ucking up a near impossible to duplicate situation for his workers and company.
    3. AA is located in an Economic Development zone and the reason he can afford to be so generous is that the city, state and fed give huge tax breaks to companies to hire workers from the area. I’d hate to see how a union could somehow screw that up.
    4. If he sleeps with his female employees as a condition for them to get work or advancement STRING HIM UP. If he sleeps with female employees because they are attracted to him, so what.
    5. Yeah, the ads are total soft core porn and always have been. Did people just figure this out? Big deal, baywatch was soft core porn.
    6. FYI, the “sweatshop free” thing is over. Everyone who pays .01 cents more than minimum wage uses that line now. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!
    7. My prediction, The retail expansion is going to kill them. Way to much overhead and Americans are too greedy to pay extra money to have a quality garment that is made in the U.S.A.

    Just my .04

  2. I knew you’d have something to add Michael! Ha! My post was just a link to the IM website. I could really give a flying fuck who he screws (both literally and figuartively) or how he’s abandoning the whole “sweat shop” free schpeel.

  3. Shirts are too thin. If I wanted thin ass vintage cotton I’d go to the thrift store. Shirts are too short. I’m 6 feet tall and I don’t wear my pants were my grandpops did, I dont want to show the world what color boxers I’m wearing.

    Ok I’m done. I could actually care less.

  4. I knew something was wierd when we went to their very first shop on a late summer night.
    Granted it was hot, but the guy was walking around in tighty whities.
    Just tighty whities.
    I didn’t buy anything because I was too grossed out.
    Plus their stuff is too small for an endowed girl.

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