12 thoughts on “Be Careful Of The Blob”

  1. oh my god that is so shocking how no one realised that she had a huge tumor for all those years! i bet you are glad you dont live in the valley now!

  2. Ah Sean… ya whippersnapper. Must I school you EVERY time? Look at the last line and then get back to work on that merger with YAHOO!

    Lyrics (by Burt Bacharach, no less!):

    Beware of The Blob, it creeps
    And leaps and glides and slides
    Across the floor
    Right through the door
    And all around the wall
    A splotch, a blotch
    Be careful of The Blob!

  3. Well Hup, if you were trying to say “People still use…” (keep practicing, you’ll get it) then yeah some of us must occasionally utilize machines that live in the prehistoric world of OS9 left behind by Safari and Firefox. Sorry.

    And thanks for getting hung up on such a meaningless aspect of my post. Next time though, I’d recommend finishing the Hooked On Phonics lesson BEFORE attempting to comment. Cheers.

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