Rent a what?

vroom vroom

GeTto is blinking your eyes when the vertical hold on your televison goes out (shit, if you time it perfectly, you can’t even tell)…or renting a vehicle from Rent-a-wreck.

Having taking my car into the bodyshop, I thought I’d be a tough cheap guy and use public transportation for the next two weeks. However, my weekly itineary included locations and times that were MTA challenged, so instead of avis or enterprise, my friend recommended Rent-a-Wreck which is pretty much self-implied. For $19.95 a day, I get a toyota with 4 large dents, a shaky engine but more importantly, a vehicle that’ll take me from point a to point b provided its “local”. I’m not sure what that really means but the sales clerk said if I was going any further, like orange county, they’d have to find me a better car. Errr. ok but chinatown to cheap food and free shows is doable. Score!

Of course this could be problematic when I have to impress a date this friday. But hell, she should be into me and not what I drive…or at least into blinking.

4 thoughts on “Rent a what?”

  1. I did the Rent-A-Wreck thing several years ago. Hooked up with the loudest Nissan Sentra (with one of those carpeted dashboards and a weird muffler tip that made the car sound like a shaking can of pennies. But the dang thing got me where I needed to go.

  2. Myself, I think it’s a good ‘test’ drive for your date. Or you can beg off driving and have her pick you up!

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