5 thoughts on “Dear Pam Anderson – Please Hire Me.”

  1. Pam is one of those people that teeter on cheesiness and genius. I have always heard and read good things about her which unfortunately, sometimes gets overshadowed by projects like striperella and that damn tommy lee video. And its hard to praise some of her other films like barbwire without sounding like you’re being sarcastic either.

  2. Sean, can you imagine enjoying a slice of eggplant rice bread while chatting with Pam about her latest Fox project? You could rest your head agaist her ‘household facts’ when you get tired of chewing.


  3. pam’s my shero. she regularly hires surgeons to cut open her body open and insert man-made plastics, she allows filthy sex partners to spread her open and insert HEP-C infected body parts, and yet she’s too health conscious to allow genetically engineered foods past her dainty lips. so righteous.

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