I Can’t Stop Loving You

charles_ray_obit_cp_040610.jpg 2107 W. Washington Boulevard in L.A. will mark a new Ray Charles Museum beginning in 2007, according to this ABC7 story. His Los Angeles Studios were declared a historical landmark last year, and the ceremony was reportedly Ray’s last public appearance prior to his death. The museum and education center will “archive materials from recordings, to awards, to ephemera, to wardrobe.” Considering the music that was recorded there, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more than just a little soul around the place, too.

One thought on “I Can’t Stop Loving You”

  1. When can I stop pretending that I actually listen to Ray Charles and have listened to him even before that lame ass movie? I know heís the hip and cool thing now, but when is it gonna be over? He had like two or three ìokayî songs and to think any of you retards who flaunt him as a genius and boast youíve been listening to him since you were like five years old is complete horse crap. Maybe Foxx will take on the part for MC Hammer next year and then we can all talk about the timelessness and genius that is Hammer Time! Retards, the whole lot of you.

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