Jump on the bandwidth bandwagon

Dear KCRW,

Hey, we’re cool too. You’re pod casting… well so are we, if fact we thought of it first. Yeah that’s right…

Love and kisses,

2 Replies to “Jump on the bandwidth bandwagon”

  1. It seems one would have to do a lot more than podcast to catch up with “the cool” of kcrw in the world left of the dial. If I were you, I’d leave hidden messages in the podcasts and use it as a viral PR tool. That would be a step ahead and get you guys some press.

    Mike – Former GM @ WTUL

  2. Actually, I better elaborate. I’m not talking about satanic backcasting when I refer to hidden messages, although there might be something to that. You have a chance to leave a hidden message on the podcast (backwards or forwards) directing the listener to a free or discounted service happening at a specific time and place of a KPCC supporter in your area. Your listeners will feel special, your favorite local businesses will love you more, and you’ll get a good buzz about it.

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