2005_03_24_psp_wipeout.jpgIf you noticed lines outside of various retailers this morning and were wondering what the fuss was about, well, Sony’s Playstation Portable (aka the PSP) went onsale today.

I didn’t want to deal with retailers like Fry’s who were probably selling only retardedly asinine bundles (i.e. the only way you could buy the PSP from them is if you bought a predetermined bundle of the PSP, games, and accessories, some or all of which you don’t need or want), so I went directly to my favorite local retailer, Gameplay.

When I went there about an hour and a half ago during an early lunch break, they had about 40 units in stock, and were selling them for the retail price of $249.95. Unfortunately, the only games they had in stock were Metal Gear Acid, Dynasty Warriors, Ape Escape: On The Loose, and about three or four other titles, so I drove east a few blocks to Best Buy to pick up Wipeout Pure, Ridge Racer, and Need for Speed Underground Rivals (I have a soft spot for arcade racers).

10937 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

An update and a correction since the time of this writing after the jump.

2005_03_24_recycling_fee.jpgUPDATE: It looks like California retailers are supposed to add a $6.00 Electronic Waste Fee which “…will be remitted to the State of California for the safe recycling of the video monitor contained in this product.” From what I understand, this went into effect on January 1st, which is probably why California gamers weren’t charged this fee when buying the Nintendo DS. I only noticed this because I dropped by a Toys R Us store on the way home. If you bought the PSP from a retailer that *didn’t* charge this, consider yourself lucky!

ERRATA: In retrospect, I was asked by Gameplay to purchase a PSP game with the PSP. I hesitated and thought I could get away without buying one since I shop there a lot, but I wanted to play nice so I relented and bought Metal Gear Acid. Sorry about spacing out! It’s been a crazy week, so I apologize!

7 thoughts on “PSP…”

  1. damn you koga…i was going to post my adventures of waiting in line for the PSP – but greed got a hold of me and I went off and spent the rest of the morning going to various Targets and Toy’s R Us.

  2. GASP…don’t tell anyone about that Gameplay! What are you thinking??? That’s my secret weapon for whenever some highly anticipated game launches and the big retailers proceed to sellout within the first hours of opening the doors.

  3. It is one of those best-kept secrets, isn’t it? Actually, I wouldn’t worry about me spilling the beans so much, since I’ve mentioned Gameplay before and I had no trouble picking up the PSP and the Nintendo DS from them at all.

    Speaking of which, I remember the day the Playstation 2 went on sale almost four years ago, that the Best Buy near my house in the Valley had plenty in-stock and didn’t sell out until past noontime, even with videogamers camped out overnight!

    BTW, 5000! *hearts* ACME Game Store at Melrose and La Brea, so that’s another local store to check out if other retailers are sold out of the PSP.

  4. Shit, i got mine early in the morning and stores like target and best buy just started to sell out at noon. Sean said it be ok to post my story – I initially didn’t wanna step on your toes.

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