PS me


She said to me “don’t go hon, you’re not 23 years old anymore…if you stay, I promise I’ll peel off my undies with both hands in slow motion like you see on those pay membership sites “. But since my girlfriend was imaginary, it was easy enough to close the door behind me and drive off into the cold morning.

At 4:00 am, there was already a small line forming in front of the Best Buy in Atwater. As I approached, the other boys and I nodded. We didn’t know one another but there is a bond of brotherhood that is created each time another member took their place behind the other. The first person arrived at 2:30. Sony had claimed that 1 million portable playstation game platforms, the PSP, were being released in the United States but most game geeks knew that would not be enought to satiate their our hunger – Quantities in Japan were previously sold out as did the similar item here in america, the DS from Nintendo. Demand outweighed the supply. As the line continued to increase, stories and rumors were shared – “It was in October, five years ago that we waited here for the PS2 and the line was around the corner…do you have the X-box, I waited until the green one came out…hey, theirs two girls waiting in the back, thats awesome…this store is suppose to be one of the largest and targeted to receive over 200…but the one in hollywood is earmarked for 200 too but they’re still only selling 40. The other 160 are going to the employees. I heard that from my cousin who knew the manager!” Yes, this is what we talk about to whittle away the time. Well, we talk about other “cool” things too like Counter Strike or Final Fantasy XI (not X damnit). Eventually, at 7:00, the manager walked out with a ticket stubs that guaranteed our purchase. I was number 9. And at 8:00, I bought my PSP and two games. Tony Hawk, Underground and Dynasty Warrior…in case you’re interested.

As I returned home, happy but tired, my imgainary girl had left me an imaginary note. “I see you’ll be busy for awhile, I’ll come back later…”

note: apparently my imaginary girlfriend took my very real isb cable and I cannot download my picture of the line this morning.

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  1. Costa Mesa Best Buy got in 280…there were about 100 people in line when I showed up at 7:45AM. Returning about noon they still had about 90. Target down the street had plenty too at around 2PM. Just a data point.

  2. Yea, I wonder if the hype outsold the actual demand for it. My friend picked up 5 systems(!) and he didn’t start his run until 10.

  3. Yes, I do think there was an awful lot of hype about it, which perhaps freaked out a lot of people who remembered the Playstation 2 legitimately selling out on the day it was released.

    Meanwhile, I dropped by a Toys R Us and a different Best Buy on the way home from work tonight and they still had PSPs available.

  4. My friends said he was going to sit on his PSP’s until Christmas to sell them. Thats a long time.

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