It’s Official! 2nd Place!! w00t!!!

I know you’ve been wondering so here’s the official news on the rainfall record – We’re in 2nd place. The record for 2nd place was 34.82 inches (from 1989-90) and as of yesterday afternoon we’d reached 34.85 inches. That’s right, we just sent 1989-90 packing! First place is still a bit further off at 38.18 inches set well the heck back in 1883-84. Could they even measure stuff that long ago? Can’t we just assume they probably had no idea what they were doing and made that number up on the fly? I don’t know what the final rainfall measurement was from last night but I know it came down quite a bit. I’d guess we’ have less than 3 inches left to go to reach first place. If we all work together on this I know we can pull it off! Go Team! Los Angeles 2004-05 Rules!!!

More info on the Pasadena Star-News, although with a sorry lack of team spirit.

Follow up: Or not?

4 thoughts on “It’s Official! 2nd Place!! w00t!!!”

  1. Don’t make fun of 1883-84 too much, otherwise the time travelers from the desert world of 2125 will come back and prod us with their painsticks.

  2. I believe the old record we beat yesterday was set in 1889-1890. 1989-1990 was when we were in a drought.

  3. I would not be so quick to judge those old time pioneers measuring techniques. Shit, it’s 2005 and we still can’t capture more than 1% or so of the rainfall.

    Who’s the stupid, unreliable century!

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