Well, I started up the car this morning and the classic rawk radio station that I’d been listening to last night when I parked in the garage — aka Arrow 93.1 — was playing “Hungry Like The Wolf.” Yes, that “Hungry Like The Wolf.” I almost called my wife on the back porch as I was reversing down the driveway. “Honey,” I would have said, “they’re playing Duran Duran on a classic rawk station! WTF?!” Then she would have yelled, “Watch out!” as I backed violently into one of the gigantic palm trees bracketing the end of our driveway because I was yakking on the cell phone and not paying attention. So it’s a good thing I didn’t call.


Arrow 93.1” is now (drum roll please) “93.1 Jack FM.”

Hrmphf? J-whaaa?

Their tagline at the moment is “Playing What We Want” — which is marketroid-speak for “We Don’t Know What Kind of Station We Are Yet Until Enough People Start Yelling Too Much About AC-DC Coming Between No Doubt and Bruce Hornsby & The Range.”

One of their “self-adverts” today (there haven’t been any regular commercials yet that I’ve heard) said, “We basically turned your radio into a mix CD.”

Sure, one of those CDs you can buy on late-night TV — “BEST HITS OF THE 80s VOLUME XXXXNNXXII!1111”

But at least there’ll be one day without commercials, right?

20 thoughts on “Arrowed!”

  1. The loss of the Arrow is tremendous and shocking, it’s like the death of royalty. With their “obnoxious” and “punk” djs, this new Jack station is comes off with about the same “street cred” and authenticity as a Christian rock band. I feel like part of my LA experience was yanked out by a claw today.

  2. I miss Arrow already. The new format is terrible. And most importantly, what will happen to our beloved Uncle Joe?

  3. Yeah, it’s a little weird. Last week when driving home from the Poppy Reserve I was happy to tune in to a “rock block” of Eagles songs. (Make fun of me if you must.) Last night I tuned in and heard Patty Smythe’s “The Warrior.” A bit jarring. I thought I finally found a station where I had a fighting chance of heaving a lot of Tom Petty.

  4. I gave up on Arrow when they moved Uncle Joe out of the morning slot awhile ago. Frankly I gave up on L.A. radio in 1997 when my beloved KSCA (101.9 FM) was murdered. Or better yet, way back whenever KMET became “The Wave.” With the cautious exception of IndieFM, and a couple listerner-supported stations I ignore the rest of the airwaves because they ignore me.

  5. I was out of town this week. Monday morning I was listening to Arrow 93.1 on the way to the airport, and when I got home last night I was listening to Jack 93.1. I don’t necessarily mind the new format, though I preferred the Arrow format. But what are they trying to do? Compete with…. Star, which plays a lot of ’80s stuff? Indie, which plays “whatever the hell they want”? I think I’m just missing the point of the change.

  6. The Wall Street Journal had an article in Friday’s edition talking about how the “jack” format is supposed to combat the growth of iPods and Sat radio. The format is supposed to emulate the randomness of an iPod playlist. I however still think it’s crap!

  7. Aww, 101.9, I haven’t thought about that station in ages. There was also 107.9 (or was it .1?) that was great for about 10 minutes, until they got DJs and the slowly started sucking in the mid – late 90s.

    I was just IN LA and feel like I didn’t get the chance to say a propper goodbye. Damn them . . . .

  8. Yes, this was certainly a surprise to everyone! My website has been flooded with emails and posts about this as well. It’s not right.. I thought it was a joke or prank for a while until I started doing some investigating. I’ve been listening to this station since it’s beginning. It’s very sad. I won’t be a Jack listener, that’s a guarantee!

  9. whats going on with radio? i am in atlanta this week, and 92.9 the classic rock station is now 92.9 DAVEfm………. hello???????? why are the stations changing their names to male anglo names?

  10. I think it’s refreshing that radio stations are trying to break out of the old tired formats. I’m not a fan of this sort of “oldies for Gen-X” format, but at least they’re trying something new. Give them credit for that, even if you don’t like what they’re playing. And give them credit for having a 1,200-song playlist, as opposed to 35 like most commercial stations.

  11. I think it is great for us in the 80’s A.D.D. generation. We get some of everything and have to focus on nothing. Although I loved Arrow I am glad that if they had to replace it they didn’t replace it with another spanish station.

  12. I am very sad that this station was working beautifully with its’ classic music only to be shut down by some jack dude. I mean what-the-hell.

  13. I think I like Jack…..I don’ tthink they’ve played a song so far that i DON’T like…..but it IS kinda hard when I want to listen purely to classic rock…and can’t. But I still think I like it better that the Arrow…the only DJ I liked was Uncle Joe…..he was so informative….I am a youngin’, so I learned a lot from him. They should change the name from Jack to Joe and just have Uncle Joe as the only DJ….then he could talk about all the songs and everybody would learn something! :)

  14. Am I the only one that loves this station? LOL I must say that I’m from San Diego and can’t really get it down here unless I’m in certain spots in North County but I think it’s great! I had preset Arrow on my radio for when I go up that way and was surprised to hear all of my fav tunes this weekend. I’m hoping that I can get it over the net. I love the fact that I don’t have to listen to the same songs over and over. Any Jack supporters out there? :)

  15. I read about the change from Arrow 93.1 FM to Jack a few days ago.
    Tuned in today for the first time, Zeppelin was on…then Sting…then David Lee Roth with ‘Just A Gigolo’.
    This afternoon they played Arrested Development, and I have heard Berlin, Styx, Supertramp…and I just heard Steal My Sunshine by Len, about an hour ago. Wow.
    I emailed them and asked for stickers. (Some of the other comments I have read online in the last few hours lead me to believe it might be dangerous to slap a Jack sticker on my car…ha! I fear no man.)
    It’s about time for a new flavor of radio here in SoCal!

    Note to “SHARPE” – go listen to some Keith Green.

  16. I o not like the new Jack station. One minute I am listening to Classic Rock and the next minute I am forced to listen to 80’s rap tunes. It equivalent to eating pizza with chinese food and I do not like the mix. When I am in the mood for dance music I just switch the station but when I am in the mood for classic rock, I want CLASSIC ROCK!

  17. I Do not like the new Jack station. One minute I am listening to Classic Rock and the next minute I am forced to listen to 80’s rap tunes. It is equivalent to eating pizza with chinese food and I do not like the mix. When I am in the mood for dance music I just switch the station but when I am in the mood for classic rock, I want CLASSIC ROCK!

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