Any Irish in ya?

punch.jpgIrish pubs are typically my least favorite drinking establishments, but I make exceptions on holidays. Any suggestions?

High on the list of priorities are: 1) authentic “Irish” experience, 2) crowded enough to have a good time, but not too crowded (as the obvious venues will surely be), and 3) moderate potential for bar fights.

On a related note, what ever happened to pinching people who don’t wear green?

5 thoughts on “Any Irish in ya?”

  1. BEST Irish pub in LA, hands down (and hence fewer barfights, alas) but beers up, is definitely Tom Bergin’s House of Irish Coffee. Fairfax abouve Olympic/San Vicente. WILL be very crowded tonight though, but an AWESOME time.

  2. “…what ever happened to pinching people who don’t wear green?”

    It went out in 2001 with the Patriot Act, which declared the “overt grabbing or pinching of people’s flesh as punishment for lacking the adornments of a certain color” to be definitively and conclusively terroristic in behavior.

  3. My favorite Irish bar is O’Brien’s, on Main St. in Santa Monica. Probably been over-crowded since about 8am, though.

  4. Nah.. Finn McCool’s beats O’Brien’s hands down. It’ll be just as full though (and O’Brien’s was packed all the way out on the patio when I walked past at 4…)

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