Talkin’ Trash

tcan.jpgOne person’s garbage can is another person’s work of art, and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Beautification Committee is looking to prove just that with exhibition of creative refuse receptacles March 12 from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Lioness Gallery (3032 Sunset Boulevard).

ARTcan! showcases area artists such as Michelle Arias, Mac Maker and Yuriko Etue, who’ve created what’s sure to be eclectic public art pieces in which to pitch your litter along Sunset Boulevard. Music by The Downbeats.

4 thoughts on “Talkin’ Trash”

  1. There is an art collective of over 90 artists in Silver Lake that I was helping out – yet this project never was presented in any of our meetings.
    I don’t know if that is the error of the beautification department to not do outreach, or if it is the error of the group to not be more visible & seek out involvement within the various departments of the neighborhood.
    I find that this neighborhood is lacking the synergy neccessary to make a public art project like this successful.
    There are hundreds of artists living in this cluster & most say they want a “neighborhood”, but noone is working together. From my experience, about 80% of the artists I have met in this neighborhood are into public projects, & about 10% are seriously persuing or exhibiting in reputable galleries & the other 10% are trying to figure out what kind of art they are making.
    It is also disappointing to see the level of galleries in this area. Junc & ghettogloss are getting good press – what is Lioness Gallery?
    This area is dominated by stylists publicly – there are more deconstructed clothing shops like 25 of them – please do not get me started on the baby/toddler shops – I think there are 6 now.
    Please Please Silver Lake artists need to get it together & get more public with more great galleries & beautification projects that actually beautify the area – like the fountain on sunset – or please someone repo that building on the south west corner of sunset & sanborn where homeless guys have a hot plate, big water dispensor & multiple shopping cart village.
    Not beautify the recepticles making dumpster diving a more pleasant experience.

  2. You and the 89 other artists should check out the local Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. First Wednesday of the month at Micheltorena Elementary school. The web site is (up and running soon, from what I hear). I’m sure they would be thrilled if more artists or anyone else in the neighborhood showed up and got involved.

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