Trainwreck @ Spaceland

After going to church last night, wait a second did I say “going to church”? I meant after watching Alias I started googling for all things Rambaldi and ended up on the homepage of Kevin Weisman (that’s right, I said “homepage”) who of course plays the coolest nerd on TV, Marshall. Ok, so it’s more of an “official website” but I learned right away that he’s in a band called Trainwreck and that they are playing tonight at Spaceland. In fact, there’s some other people in the band you might recognize as well. I’m not going to peel away too many layers for you but I’ll leave you with this quote from the bands website: “If you like Tenacious D, you will LIKE Trainwreck.” – Jack Black

One thought on “Trainwreck @ Spaceland”

  1. Wow I didn’t know Kevin Weisman was in a band. Actually I didn’t know his name until your post. I’m a johnny-come-lately to Alias, but ever since fired up the ol’ Tivo, I’ve been watching and digging it. Too bad I can’t make it to the show tonight. I’ll have to settle for some streaming video. I look forward to a post about it if you go.

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