Numbed By The Numbers

Who won and lost yeterday’s election is far less a concern for me than the final tally of voters who braved the mild temps and oh-so-uncrowded polls, or who mailed in their ballots. According to the city’s election results webpage, out of 1,474,186 registered voters in the city of Los Angeles only 384,489 or 26% had their say. The total drops to 22% when factoring in L.A. Unified School District and L.A. Community College District votes that came from beyond the city’s limits.

This whole “government of, by, and for the people” thing? Some say it’s way over-rated and outdated ó especially the “by the people” part. But I’m not complaining. Because for three of you apathetoids out there that opted out of the process, I got to make your decisions for you.

10 thoughts on “Numbed By The Numbers”

  1. We turned on the TV this morning to watch the results and found that it was the FIFTH story on the local update. No wonder no one’s interested.

  2. The candidates are to blame for that as well, as are the parties for not putting forth someone people could get behind. I talked to more than 10 people who didn’t vote yesterday and for every one of them the answer was something along the lines of “I don’t like any of these guys and I’m not interested in voting for someone I don’t like just because I don’t like someone else more.” It’s hard for “the people” to get excited when they don’t feel anyone reflects their views.

  3. The campaigns and candidates definitely failed to engage, but I dunno… I don’t really embrace that “no interest = no vote” equation ó not that it isn’t obviously true. It’s just that regardless of my lack of interest or connection to a candidate or an election, my very old-school perspective on voting is that it’s a privilege not a right. Am I in the corny minority? Sure. But I’ve voted in every election I’ve been eligible to do so since I was 18, save for a school board election back in the late ’90s… and I still feel a little guilty about flaking on that one.

  4. I agree with you Will….if people don’t vote then they have no right to complain….about anything in local politics. yes, it was hard to discern between the candidates on certain issues…but that’s why it’s important to muscle down and figure out what their main line is. I’m alsways appalled when people don’t vote….theire’s just no excuse for it!!!!

  5. The “I don’t like any of the candidates” is a real cop-out for not voting… Have folks forgotten about the write-in privilege? If ONLY half of the non-voters had taken the time to go to the polls and voted for some write-in candidate…. WOW, what a message that sends!

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