Giant Robot now serves food

From their restaurant anyway. That’s right GR/eats is now open and located in one of the buildings they haven’t yet taken over on Sawtelle. There’s no menu online yet but I’m sure we’ll be able to expect a wide variety of fried [email protected], Ugly Doll Sandwiches, Domokun Burgers and Twist shakes. Just between you and me, the sushi place next to the original Giant Robot isn’t too shabby either.

9 thoughts on “Giant Robot now serves food”

  1. wow. very cool…
    i wasnt expecting this one, but i guess it makes sense knowing that block huh…


  2. I’m happy for them, but ever since I still don’t get the connection. Especialy given what they hint at, menu-wise, on the site: “fish, chicken, vegetables, soup, pasta, and even a burger.” I wish they were serving fried [email protected]

  3. I get katsu curry rice in the stripmall 2 blocks down. But they do scrimp a little on the pickled onions.

    I hope they serve the special prison ramen recipe made with firey cheetos on top and prepared in a garbage bag.

  4. Is Hide better than Kiriko just down the street?
    Kiriko is my favourite sushi place… Never tried Hide though.

  5. I hope they take over the block! – And put a Giant Robot statue straddling each end of the street – it be awesome! Id order a fried Kubrik or Dzama in a heartbeat and growl with every bite. Congrats guys thanks for making LA even more interesting and fun to live in.

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