NOT Tim Burton’s Garage sale

The other day I blogged about a garage sale of Tim Burton’s stuff. That post just received a comment claiming to be the official word from Tim himself. I don’t know the person who commented personally but I’m post the comment made by “bd” here just so more people see it – aparently there’s some question as to the legitimacy of this sale. The comment says that Tim Burton said:

“It recently came to my attention that a warehouse sale, claiming to include “previously -owned” items of mine, is scheduled to take place. Allegedly, these items include props, memorabilia and costumes from various films I have directed, as well as some drawings of mine that were private gifts–never meant for public display or purchase. Since I have not been contacted by the sellers, it is important to note that I can in no way vouch for the authenticity of these items. I am completely against the selling of personal items in such a public way.”

So there you have it.