desperately seeking a new mayor

March 7, 2005 at 5:42 pm in Uncategorized

I don’t live in the City of Los Angeles, so I don’t get to vote for Mayor. However, I have read with interest how some candidates have taken advantage of blogs to reach out and communicate with voters. Technology is moving very quickly right now, and it’s nice to know that there are politicians who aren’t Flat Earthers and will embrace new and different ways to communicate with us. So good on ya, some candidates.

I don’t know who is the current frontrunner, but I’m guessing it’s not Jim Hahn. I’ve watched his attack ads grow more and more desperate in the last few days, and last night I saw him speaking on whacko televangelist Dr. Gene Scott‘s television show (Yes, I know Dr. Scott recently died. Have a moment of silence while his widow counts some money.) Holy shit. Jim Hahn wins the award for Most Unintentionally Hilarious Television, plus the bonus of Mayoral Candidate Most Likely To Be Confused With A Desperate Single Guy In A Bar Ten Minutes Before Closing.

I don’t really have a dog in this hunt, because every mayor we’ve had for the last several years seems to suck out loud in one way or another (and I can’t vote in the election anyway), but after watching the Dear Mayor clutch his novelty-sized bible and crunch up his face in mock sincerity while the 1-800-GIVE-US-YOUR-MONEY number sat at the bottom of the screen has me cheering for Anyone But Hahn.

Quick! Get to the phones!

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