Signs of the Times

nowleasing.jpgI wrote last May about a little duplex for rent in Silverlake that was first put on the market for $1,900 and then they upped it to $2,000.

Well, the place has been for rent (at least one of the units) since the beginning of the year (maybe since October). The first signs went up and had no price on them. I assumed that they were going for the previous $2K again.

Now it’s a month or two later and they’re still for rent – and new signs went up (I think earlier this week) with an advertised price of $1,850. I don’t know if this is an indication that the housing bubble has burst (I hope so) or that the landlords have finally realized that this cute little bungalow, no matter how nice, is in a crappy location if you don’t like gunfire or tagging or just general noise from a major street like Sunset Blvd.

As a little addition to this, when I went to take photos of this yesterday, the retaining wall was freshly painted.

When I came home from work it looked something like this:

This wall is tagged ALL the time (at least several times a month). I’ll try to keep taking photos as there are overtags and then fresh coats of paint.

2 thoughts on “Signs of the Times”

  1. While I agree that it’s obnoxious that the landlords are going crazy and being dicks with the rents like they are in the area — and they are — I think that the REAL terrors of the neighborhood are the “hot” clubs and restaurants opening up (causing the rents to rise), bringing in dumbasses (to visit, then move in and blog about the gunfire) and taking up parking on my street.

  2. P.S. Cybele, that comment about dumbasses blogging about gunfire wasn’t directed at you, I just meant in general. I’m sorry if it sounds otherwise.

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