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Calling all theater fans…

Did you know that the LA Stage Alliance can get you half off on selection theatrical productions around town? Sure can – check out their site for all the information. Currently available for the discount are Light Sensitive, Love Tapes, Jakes Women, Tartuffe, The Chekhov Machine, P.S. YOUR CAT IS DEAD!, in addition to many, many others.

Onward, to the theater we go!

Fire in the Garment District

First the rain, now the fire. LA Times reports on a large blaze that occurred in downtown’s Garment District this morning destroying several commercial operations.

More than 200 firefighters responded to the fire that broke out about 5:40 a.m. at a building at San Pedro and Ninth streets, Wells said. The fire was declared out at 7:39 a.m.

The building housed at least seven garment enterprises. The heavy fabrics and clothes helped feed the blaze, said Wells. No cost estimate was available for the damage.

The fire disrupted traffic along a key artery during the morning commute, Wells said. Authorities were hoping to clean the area before the evening commute.

The cause of the fire was under investigation.

Jet Blue Goes Burbank

I’ve never flown Jet Blue but I know people who have and they’re total retards about how amazing it is. I guess the DirectTV in the seats does that to them. The only complaint I ever heard (outside of them handing over all their clients personal info to the feds thus violating their own privacy policy a few years back) is that people had to drive to Long Beach to catch a lift. Well those days are over, or will be over soon enough (May 24th). The news from Franklin Avenue is:

“Jet Blue will take over the gates in Bob Hope Airport’s Terminal A that are expected to be vacated by Aloha Airlines. Aloha, which recently filed for bankruptcy, is leaving Burbank this year.

Writes the [paper]: JetBlue will launch the new Burbank-New York service with a promotional, $99 one-way fare. Regular one-way fares will range from $124 to $299, excluding security fees and taxes. The same fare range applies to the carrier’s Long Beach to New York flights.

By comparison, the one-way fare on a Delta flight for May 24 from Burbank to New York’s LaGuardia Airport, with a stop in Atlanta, was $159, a check of Delta’s website showed Wednesday. A United flight the same day from Burbank to LaGuardia, with a stop in Denver, was $270.


As a Dodger fan, when you see the headline Gagne sprains knee ligament… well, let’s just say you better have a strong heart or nearby medical attention. Not something you want to be reading.

However, the sprain is relatively mild, baseball gods be praised, so contingent on an MRI, he should be good as gold in a few weeks. Can’t necessarily say the same for the upcoming season, but I’m trying to reserve judgment.

Really, really trying.

Hollywood and Highland

oscars022405.jpgI was near the Kodak Theatre earlier tonight and things are already looking pretty Oscar crazy. I hadn’t realized the street would be closed off already (not that it mattered to subway-riding me). That corner always has lots of tourists and bright lights, so when you add a bunch of tents, it starts looking like a carnival. If only Oscar preparation involved cotton candy…

UPDATE: I can understand that the LA Times wants people to pay for access to certain articles, like the Tom Leykis wine article that Caryn mentioned. But I just noticed that the Times put their article about Academy Awards street closures in the paid subscription section, too. Isn’t that the kind of information newspapers usually give away for free?

The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis


Radio in Los Angeles just keeps getting better…

I admit it, I listen to Tom Leykis (although a little less now that I’m an 103.1 convert) and I like it. Love him or hate him (franky it’s the callers that bug me), the same station that hosts the Tom Leykis show is bringing you more of Tom’s wining. And by “wining” I mean wine – “The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis” will be all about wine. Airing on Saturdays from 3-5pm on 97.1 you can hear all about Leykis’ vast knowledge of wine. I’ve heard him discuss wine on his regular show before and, I have to tell you, it was very thorough and quite useful.

Wine is undeniably a big part of Leykis’ life. “This is my epicenter,” he says, standing in front of the custom refrigerator that holds the bulk of his collection. Though he now loves cabernet sauvignon above all other grapes, he started out with something very different. “I drank Freixenet,” he says, referring to the inexpensive Spanish cava, or bubbly. “My drug of entry, if you will, was sparkling wine. Hopes, dreams and aspirations have a lot to do with the kinds of wines people like. And I started with sparkling wine because I believed champagne was almost an entry way to affluence.”

Of course the fact that this show was picked up most certainly has to do with that “Sideways” movie. I recently heard that white wine sales are up because of this movie (officially confirming that people are sheep). Fortunately my man Tom preferes a nice California Cabernet…my favorite.

Read about it, if you can, on the LA Times.

George Harrison Birthday Celebration

Commemorate Beatle George Harrisonís birthday with a gathering outside Capitol Records this Friday, Feb 25 at 6PM. The event includes a cake-cutting ceremony and an appearance by Chris Carter, current host of ìBreakfast with the Beatlesî, founding member of Dramarama (Iíll give you diamonds, give you pillsÖ), and producer of “Mayor of the Sunset Strip“. Event organizer Jerry Rubin promises a foam-core George Harrison Walk of Fame Star to place next to John Lennonís. Rubin hopes this will be the future location of a star for Harrison though the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce reportedly requires five years to pass after the death of a potential Star before granting permission. And then there’s still the $15,000 price tag. As there are sure to be more than enough Hollywood lunatics milling about, Rubin could not verify cake to go around. The birthday party is to be held at 1750 N. Vine St at 6PM with a cake-cutting ceremony at 6:30.

Nominate your own Walk of Fame Star here.

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Did just get trackbacked spammed by Does anyone over there want to tell me why every entry on our front page just got pinged TWICE by This is just some kind of mistake right and not something you guys were actually trying to do.. right??

UPDATE: talking to tribe now, not something they did on purpose, trying to figure out what happened. More soon.

UPDATE 2: Bug found, fixed. All good. Thanks Tribe!

The Thin LIne

A week ago a friend of mine tried to commit suicide. At four months pregnant, she downed a full bottle of her anti-depressants, a bottle of Tylenol and to finish it off, 10 codeine tablets. Her loser boyfriend, whom she had supported for a year, had left her and she just couldn’t take being alone anymore. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

I live next door, and luckily she called several people as she was dying. As the paramedics wheeled her away, barely breathing, I realized the trauma had just begun. What followed was a peek down the rabbit hole of insanity and the precarious edge we all ride to stay sane. After pumping her stomach at Hollywood Presbyterian, she was transferred to BHC, a psychiatric hospital in Alhambra. After 72 hours to stabilize it was time to find a place she could face her demons and work her way back to what we call ‘normal’ living. She asked me for help to find a place for her where she could get care for a month or two…. not a hard task, I thought. She has insurance and a pretty healthy savings account. Ha! I was wrong. Finding a bed for someone with a thin grasp of reality, a history of drug addiction, and suicidal tendencies…. who is also pregnant…is nearly impossible in this town. After calling 6 places here in LA, I branched out to Arizona, Boston and Dallas in search of a place where she could get healthy…I hit dead ends everywhere. Finally, with the help of another friend of hers, we found a place called “Creative Care” out in Malibu. And believe me, it ain’t cheap. It’s a whopping $28,000 a month paid in advance, with no chance of refund should you bail. It isn’t easy or cheap getting healthy.

By wading into this messy world of insanity, the one thing I realized is that it’s a very thin, fluid line that keeps all of us going and on a track to keep keepin’ on. Delusion is common, and there aren’t many landing places for people when they jump off the edge.

Wrapped In Plastic…


Jessica Simpson was “hospitalized briefly” on Monday.

Now the first punchline that occurs to me is her physician, a Dr Julius Hibbard, commenting, “Heh heh heh, your career’s as twisted as Sinbad’s take on marriage!”

The next punchline is “Briefly? How did she escape?”

But in any case, everyone’s favorite un-singing jig-dancing muscianesque apparently became dehydrated “while shooting a segment for ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’.” She is reportedly back in Los Angeles — where, as we know, it’s quite easy to get rehydrated nowadays. Just walk outside.

I was surprised to hear Jessica Simpson is still on television after the Saturday Night Live debacle. You’d think that if half of the next SNL episode was dedicated to making fun of you, and people were later booing you at a football half-time show, there might be a problem with your career.

Then I remembered that it was actually the evil-twin Ashlee Simpson who is the un-singing jig dancer. You know she’s the evil twin because she has black hair. Like on “Bewitched.”

Now, according to the AP article, the “Red Carpet Makeovers with Jessica Simpson” segment will also include Lara Flynn Boyle, another star in desperate need of rehydration. And a sandwich. Or a damn fine cup of coffee and a piece of cherry pie down at the Double R Diner.

Sometimes I miss Twin Peaks. Especially when it’s raining. I miss the old days, back when they had those antiquated ideas like “writers” and “scripts” and actual “drama.”

Maybe they could stage a revival of the show. Ashlee Simpson could play the backward-talking little person who gave Agent Cooper the cryptic messages in the red-curtain other world. She’s already skilled at lip syncing and bad dancing. If Lara Flynn Boyle skipped her makeup application, she could play the Log Lady.

Hey, wait, I have my punchline:

“Who the hell is Jessica Simpson?”

Dinner (vegan) and a Movie (Indigo) with Playfood

Dinner and a movie never sounded so good. This Friday from 6-8pm (in addition to their regular serving times on Wednesday and Thursday from 1-9pm) vegan food specialists Playfood will be serving up delicious food and then a screening of last year’s Sante Fe Film Festival’s “audience award winning” film “Indigo.”

INDIGO is a film about loneliness, redemption, and the healing powers and grace of the new generation of Indigo (psychic and gifted) children being born into the world. Three fateful choices result in bankruptcy, jail, and the disintegration of a family and then lead to a chance for redemption five years later through the healing and psychic powers of the family’s youngest member– a ten-year-old “Indigo” child. INDIGO is about taking responsibility for the choices we make and the thin line that separates success from failure and love from regret.

The cost is $10 for just the movie, $7 for food and the movie. The catch is that you must say the not-so-secret password “Happy the Dog” at the door to get three dollars off. All proceeds will go to TreePeople, who are helping to put on this event. Playfood will be serving food at a location in Sherman Oaks – please call 818-784-4444 with any questions

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The first Devin Brown claim has been filed

At this point everyone knows the story about Devin Brown being shot to death by the LAPD. There’s been all kind of speculation as to where this will lead and it seems many of them were right. According to this story Devin Brown’s family has filed a suit against the city for wrongful death and civil rights violations. From the story:

The Feb. 6 shooting of Devin Brown was “one of the worst cases of a police homicide that we have ever seen,” lawyer Brian Dunn said at a news conference.

The claim contends the city is to blame for the boy’s “wrongful death arising out of excessive force” and also claims “deliberate indifference to the maintenance, training and control of the Los Angeles Police Department.”

“At most, what we have heard is that he was driving a car that didn’t belong to him,” Dunn said. “We don’t have the death penalty for that.”

The city Police Commission revised the LAPD’s shooting policy after the teen’s death. It now prohibits officers from firing at a moving vehicle unless the officer or another individual is threatened with deadly force other than the vehicle.

I have to agree with many of the comments in the last post that changing the policy so fast really backs up the feeling that the actions of this officer were out of line and will make it pretty hard for the city to turn down this kind of claim. If they do, that opens the doors for a lawsuit which I would guess is already being drafted.