Podcasting goes local

I got an e-mail today from our friendly neighborhood public radio station, KCRW, informing me that starting March 1, many KCRW broadcasts will be available as podcasts. This is good news for me, since I don’t commute anymore, which leads to me almost exclusively listening to MP3s instead of radio. And since I fly to some other city almost every week, I miss a lot of interesting local programming. Now I can just download broadcasts from KCRW and listen to them whenever I want. Neat. Next week, I’ll be listening to Left, Right, and Center somewhere over the Oklahoma panhandle.

Update: Would readers be interested in having podcasts available for download from blogging.la? We all have a bunch of stuff to say that may or may not be better suited for audio than text. Interested? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Podcasting goes local”

  1. It’s too bad they don’t have Metropolis included in their podcasts. The only shows they have are talk shows. The thing that sets KCRW apart from the other local NPR stations like KPCC is the awesome selection of music and the great DJs they have. (Especially Jason Bentley.)

    Once they start having the music shows podcast, all we will need to do is convince PRI and KGBH to podcast their shows as well. Then I will actually be able to listen to This American Life without using Real.

  2. On that note – how many people would be interested if we started providing some podcasts here? Kat – can you maybe ask that in your post? If there’s enough interest I’d be into figuring out how to do it…

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