Hahn Sucks

HahnsucksNeed another reason not to vote for Major Hahn? I saw this sign on my way to the dog park this afternoon. The website for Hahn Sucks is put together by Stop the Killing and addresses the various concerns regarding our local humane society and the need to implement knowledge about common practices and ways to prevent unnecessary killing.

Why are we picking on Mayor Hahn? What’s he have to do with Los Angeles Animal (dis)Services?

Well, he’s an important player in our current campaign first and foremost
because he’s the only one who can appoint a general manager and an    
LAAS board with the vision, competence and skills needed to stop the
killing. He appointed the former GM, Jerry Greenwalt, as a political favor. Then he appointed a midlevel bureaucrat to replace Greenwalt
who knows nothing about implementing commonsense policies that will
stop the killing. Now he needs to do the smart and moral thing and
appoint a humane, progressive, and visionary manager; someone who
         can take the "cesspool" that is our current city shelter system and bring it into the 21st Century and make it something Angelinos can be proud of instead of stigmatized, humiliated and embarrassed

….The promise by Mayor Hahn (at a media press conference after ADL-LA began our campaign) to make LA "no kill" by 2008, turned out to be a lie perpetrated on the residents of LA in order for Hahn to be re-elected and
Greenwalt to keep his 128 thousand dollar a year job. Their scam has now been coined the "no one will know kill"
  policy. This inhumane temperament testing scam would cost residents of LA over one million dollars per year and would not reduce
one bit the horrific killing going on each and every day inside
our city shelters. All the cats and dogs, puppies and kittens
             they would kill would be deemed "unadoptable" so that they would never be counted, and therefore the numbers of those
killed would appear to go down.

Solutions for a better system are on this site and really include some no-brainers. It makes you wonder why these ideas aren’t being realized and how detached people are from the reality of over-breeding. After becoming a dog owner, I’ve become more aware of the responsibility we have to take care of discarded dogs at the hands of irresponsible breeders and owners. I have been shocked at the number of people who have been put-off by the fact that my boys are neutered. I always thought that’s what everyone did but apparently not. All of this just breaks my heart because, if I could, I’d take in every unwanted animal out there. It really sounds silly but these little guys don’t have voices and, because of that, we need to speak for them; especially when alternatives are at the ready.