Good Day Live Cancelled


It’s not a good day for some recently unemployed tv folk in Los Angeles today. According to E-Online, that ever-so-annoying morning show Good Day Live has been cancelled.

GOOD DAY TO YOU: Good Day Live canceled after three years, putting hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Arthel Neville out of a job.

More as this story breaks, I’m sure.

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  1. Who was the genius, upon firing zoloft-challenged Barberie, hired a loon twice as stupid? They should have put them down long ago.


  2. Bummer. The show was hilarious. Much edgier and darker than the other wholesome, sunny-delight morning shows served up on the other networks. At least we still have Good Day L.A….

  3. Arthel Neville and Steve Edwards deserve better

    I’m still waiting for Edwards to go batshit crazy on Jillian or at least punch Dorothy Lucey.

  4. I really enjoy Arthel Neville and Steve Edwards but what were they thinking to put Debbie M on ANY show. She is not a T V personality and is probably one of the reasons for the show’s demise. I will miss Steve Edwards as he is an articulate and interesting host as is Arthel.

  5. Fox got what they deserved. The show SUCKED the second they fired Jillian. Arthel and Debbie can now go back to the unemployment line! The show was a ratings disappointment and should have been cancelled much sooner!

    Fox doesn’t know talent when they see it, and that just bit them in the ass.

  6. The show sucks. I thought it couldn’t get much worse with Jillian and that other idiot but to replace them with Debbie and Arthel, what were they thinking? The show is absolutely horrible. Replacing it with Jerry springer would be an improvement

  7. I really enjoy both the local show and GDL. I think that the style of Good Day Live is not for everyone and probably is more relevent to local viewers like myself. I had a difficult time with the change of cast and I prefer Dorothy & Jillian. I will miss the layed back feel of the show and hope that Good Day LA sticks to it’s format. Maybe we could add an extra hour to that show. I really love Steve and wish him well

  8. Best show in years. Love Debbie and Arthel and of course Steve Edwards. I will miss all of you.
    I use to tape show when away from home. What are your bosses thinking.

  9. The show would be bearable to watch if not for Debbie. She is ABSOLUTELY ANNNOYING and reason why the show is unwatchable. I believe many people feel same way hence the low ratings.

  10. I really enjoy watching Good day Live… for GDL was a change of pace of the regular talkshows and a good alternative to Regis and Kelly.
    The hosts are what made the show. And yes, losing Jillian (super hot and funny) didn’t help but Debbie was a good addition to the show.
    I’ll miss it for all we have left are milktoast shows of Tony Danza (I give it 6months) and Regis.. though he’s still king.

  11. I agree, I liked the show. It was simple fun – nothing serious about it, just simple entertainment. Debbie could be self centered and dingy but I was glad to see Jillian go, she was irritating after 5 minutes.
    I’m ready to see Tony Danza’s show cancelled and Jane Pauly’s too.
    While they are at it, they should get rid of all those “real live court” shows too.
    Give us some entertainment.

  12. I am a 76 year old woman who has just discovered Good Morning Live. I think the hosts of this show are fresh and fun to watch. I would hope that Fox would reconsider and keep them on. They all have such great personalities and it’s just plain fun to watch them…I like Debbie! Steve is the perfect mix in between these two gals……thanks for letting us post our thoughts!

  13. This show was the worst I ever seen. I’m glad its canceled. I was hoping this would happen because noone watched the show. I bet the Philly channels 3, 6, 10, 17, and 57 beat 29 in the ratings in the 12 to 1 PM slot daily because of this crap show. Please post the whole text of the FOX statement.

  14. Good Day Live WAS better off with Jillian

    Just look at the ratings:

    Twentieth Television’s low-rated talk show Good Day Live, hosted by Steve Edwards, Debbie Matenopoulos and Arthel Neville, has received its walking papers. Its last telecast will air Friday, March 18.

    Season-to-date, Good Day Live is tied (with a 0.9 household rating) at No. 12 out of 15 syndicated talk shows and DOWN TEN PERCENT FROM A YEAR AGO.

    You people do not know talent when you see it. Jillian, Dorothy, and Steve made the show what it was. That is why is was started in the first place. Debbie and Arthel were terrible REPLACEMENTS that obviously could not compare to the chemistry between the ORIGINAL hosts.


  16. This show is terrible – phony giddiness, laughing at stupid jokes, like a sideshow or a cheesy morning zoo radio show brought to TV – please cancel the LA version as well

  17. I am really bummed. I moved to the midwest from LA and was excited to have a connection to southern California. Good luck to Debbie, Arthel, and Steve.

  18. Debbie M. is the worst talk show host EVER, I am sorry the show is going off the air. Maybe they should just fire her instead, the ratings would probably go up. she needs to grow up an realize it is not all about her, why do you think they let her go from the VIEW. Stop complaining about Star…cause she is all that and you aren’t.

  19. I am so sorry that the show is going off the air! Good Day Live understood itself and the silliness of reporting on celebrity. They not only got the joke, they knew those of us who watched and enjoy celebrity dirt did too!

  20. Keep the show, get rid of Debbie and Arthel! Debbie is annoying with her spacey, twit-wit comments. Her demeanor is very similar to Jillian’s. Together, Debbie and Arthel manage to create chaos and confusion — making it impossible to follow and appreciate the story line. Moreover, I find Arthel to be extremely unattractive. She resembles a horse! No offense to the equines.

  21. I love the show when Dorothy and Jullian was on .I knew it wouldn be the same when they left. Why were they fired? Please reply. thank you ,

  22. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this show. Please don’t take it off! I moved from L.A. 3 years ago, and miss it terribly!!! This show was my only connection to my real home, L.A. I couldn’t stand Dorothy!! She was not one ounce funny, and she always put her left hand up, into the camera! What was that? I loved Jillian, but she seemed to be on drugs or something. The new team was great. I really loved the “drop ins” from local shows like American Idol, and various others. I never saw Henry Winkler so much after Happy Days, until he started to “sub” for Steve. Now… What will I watch while walking on my treadmill? This is a horrible mistake!!!

  23. Arthel looks like a horse? She is one of the sexiest women on television! We need more smart, beautiful women of color on the air… Obviously Bill is just a catty Bee-Yatch who wants to be a woman.

  24. The show has run its course.

    Debbie is irrelevant.

    Arthel is always trying to keep the show on an elevated level with nothing to work with.

    Debbie always has some irrelevant comment. She seems to love all the celebrities whether she knows anything about them or not.

    It seems that Steve Edwards and Arthel will land on their feet somewhere else.

    I think the audience was comfortable with Dorothy Lucey when she was on but she did not have much to say except to offset Jillian’s terse manner.

    Jillian seemed to be locked in the 60s and 70s, yet she was still a small child at the time. Perhaps her adoptive parents were aging hippies.

    Steve Edwards seems to flourish under both regimes.

    Every show that runs its course ends. It seems that the show repeated its guests and themes over and over again offering nothing new. That theme however is sometimes comforting.

  25. Guys,

    Steve isnt going anywhere. GoodDay LA which is a weekly show is still running strong with Seve, Dorothy and Jillian. Only the national show was cancelled.

    I love the comments on how bad the show is. Ironically, the local show in LA is usually rated Number #1 so at least people here love Jillian, Dorothy and Steve. What I never understood was why they fired Dorothy and Jiilian on the national show. It was the combination of the three that made the local show so big and each had a hand in making the show the sucess that it is. So it makes no sense to fire them and then get replacements that are clones.

    I dont think Steve really cares that the show went under although I would imagine that for Steve he will probably miss the prestige of being nationally televised plus I am sure that the national show paid him some nice bucks

    For someone who has lived in LA for 28 years, Steve has been on many talk shows here plus he was on the radio for awhile. I dont know him, but I would assume that he is surprised that his local show has lasted so long

  26. The show got so much better when Jillian (the half dressed gay person loving gal) and Dorothy were replaced by Arthel and Debbie. It’s a shame to see a light, entertaining afternoon show leave the network. I suppose now we will get one of those court shows. Thank goodness our TV has an off button. Ah, back to good ole radio.

  27. I think it is too bad the show is cancelled. I enjoyed the show and was shocked to hear it will all be over next week. I don’t understand why. What will I watch now? Guess I have to go back to Regis and Kelly.

  28. debbie,should get a column called:(tell debbie) and name it dear debbie, i would ask your advice on how to get a man at age 68 and horny.

  29. I stopped watching after Jillian and Dorothy got cut. They were perfect for Steve. These last two girls just didn’t cut it. Jillian is the bomb. She was really into fashion, she really hung out with the celebrities, most of her perdictions about celebrities and movies were right. she is just super cool. Dorothy rocks too, she was so cute, I liked the way she would be so excited about the hollywood gossip. Bring them back!! A use to be viewer – Detroit, MI

  30. Loved the show with Dorothy & Jillian, was sad to see them taken off. Arthel and Debbie both boring and unentertaining. Hardly watched show. Wish I could watch the morning LA version.

  31. The new show is horrible and deserves to be taken off the air. They should have stayed with the original cast. Jillian was the best thing that ever happened to the show, she kept it fresh and funny. Please bring back the old crew. I barely wached the new show only if there wasn’t anything to watch. They were very boring. We are going to miss the show even more on the east coast. Please make Good Day L.A. a national show!!!!

  32. Good Day Live is no big loss. Steve was pompas and boring, Arthel is a self-centered, prejudiced, and uninteresting hostess. The only entertaining person on the show was Debbie – since Jillian was gone. Jillian and Debbie seemed to be themselves (real) no matter what. Kudos!
    I personally did not watch the show faithfully anyway as Dorothy (before her demise), Steve, and Arthel tended to bore and annoy me.
    Good Luck, Debbie!

  33. Won’t be able to see Steve anymore as I don’t live in L.A. I did find him pompous from time to time as well.

    I’m looking forward to watching Arthel on A Current Affair. I like her in more intelligent settings, like on her show on CNN, or when she used to be on The O’Reilly Factor. Don’t understand how Gena could say she was prejudiced or self-centered. Maybe Gena’s just prejudiced…

    Never was a fan of Debbie’s. I just don’t get her. Is she really that dense and annoying?

  34. i loved the show. my husband and i think debbie is hilarious. we will miss your show. good luck to all.

  35. I’m going to miss GOOD DAY LIVE! I was sooo excited when they got rid of that stupid kiss ass Jillian Barberie and that other moron that constantly annoys vieweres with her stupid family stories. No one cares!!!! She should stick to news. Jillian tries to win support and pitty from viewers with her stupid depression stories. That’s why her husband divorced her! At least Debbie was cute “NATURALLY” and didn’t have to pretend like Jillian.

  36. DOROTHY LUCY IS A DUMB SHIT!!! Her and her dumb family segments! And Jillian is just pathetic with her zoloft stories. That’s why they were BOTH demoted!

    I prefered Debbie and Arthel! They both rock my mornings! Not like Jillian who’s way old now and still tries to be young! Get over it JILLIAN.. you’re a skank now! And Dorothy should be putting a bag over her head!

  37. I am not surprised it has been cancelled. I think it would have done better with a different time slot –who the hell wants to listen to shrieking and yelling in the morning?

  38. WHAT IS FOX THINKING??? Debbie and Arthel are the BEST!!!! they’re hot and awesome…. they don’t have the stupidity that Jillian and Dorothy Lucy had! Steve is much happier with Deb and Arthel… just look at how much Steve touches Arthel! With Jillian and Dorothy, Steve is constantly saying: “Okay let’s move on.”

  39. BOO! Good Day Live is canceled… It wasn’t as fun without Dorothy and Jillian… They made the show! Luckily, i live in i can watch the morning show still! haha people who cant watch! jk =P

  40. I hate I repeat hate Good Day Live being taken of the air and i wish that i can do something to stop them from being canceld but I will miss you all Debbie Arthel and Steve TO GOOD BYE YOU ALL ROCK.!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I always loved watching “Good Day Live.” Sure, Dorothy and Jill used to quarrel like sisters, and talk over Steve all the time (which could get pretty annoying,) but I still enjoyed watching. I didn’t know they were fired. Why was that? As for Arthel and Debbie, they brought a fresh level of maturity to the show. They were more grown up in a way, and Steve seemed less tense with them. I’ll miss the 3 of them. Arthel is so gorgeous and intelligent, while Steve and I are fellow Houstonians. Debbie’s full of energy and zest. I wish them well!

  42. We miss Jillian here in Miami.She rocks.People who dont like her just dont get it. she needs her own show! Good day live has not been the same without her. Thats why it is canceled.

  43. I taped GDL every day I was not into tslk shows
    much until, I broke my ankle in 2002 and I fell in love with GDL and the View. I will miss the show. I think Steve and Arthel are great. Debbie
    is not a good talk show host but, she would be a
    good comody star. I will miss them.

  44. I was disappointed to say the least when I found out the show would be cancelled. I don’t understand the negative comments about any of the cast members. I realize that Debbie may be an acquired taste and perhaps it takes someone who has a sense of humor and a love of life to get her…….and the comment about Arthel, she’s beautiful and its sad that someone would be so cruel as to say something so horrible about someone who hasnt done a thing to hurt anyone else.
    I wish there was something that the viewers could do to make sure the show stayed on. But all of us who enjoyed the show will wish you well and remember the show fondly. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

  45. Not surprised the slightest bit that this show was cancelled. I tried to get myself into it since there is absolutely NOTHING else on while I’m eating lunch.. just didn’t happen. These people were so phony, and who wants to hear a 90-year-old man talk like a teenage girl. The only thing this show had going for it was the fact that debbie’s got a sweet ass. holla if you agree

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