Good Day Live Cancelled


It’s not a good day for some recently unemployed tv folk in Los Angeles today. According to E-Online, that ever-so-annoying morning show Good Day Live has been cancelled.

GOOD DAY TO YOU: Good Day Live canceled after three years, putting hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Arthel Neville out of a job.

More as this story breaks, I’m sure.

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  1. I am a 51 year old male who has never written about anything like this in my life. I am watching the last show as I right this, who is the idiot who takes this show off the air has anyone talked to the public. I loved this show Steve done so well surrounded by all that estrogen my wife is twenty years younger than me and keeps me on my toes and we both loved watching the show before we go to work every morning you guys are great we will miss you very much and your station is losing us as watchers.
    Steve and Brandy in Montana.

  2. These hosts or those hosts, there will be no replacing GDL on the national level. For those of us beyond the LA area who had a taste to enjoy the show, this means that we are indeed stuck watching “milktoast” and “Sunny D” programming in the mornings with no real alternative. It’s discouraging. I’m not a fuddy-duddy yet and prefer not to feel treated like one, thank you.

    Hopefully the network will be intelligent enough to at least continue catering to the market they met with GDL in some other capacity.

  3. I am going to miss the show TERRIBLY!! I liked it better when Jillian & Dorothy were on there with Steve, but I still watched it all the time with Debbie and Arthel. I live in Dallas so I won’t get to see Good Day LA . . . I am going to miss seeing this show . . . and I wish everyone involved with the show all the best! Man I’m bummed!!

  4. This was the Conan O’Brian of morning talk shows (and I mean that in a good way… *s*) Even though a little offbeat, it had its place and its following. We’ll miss you terribly!

  5. I just watched the final show. It’s a sad day for all Americans. I encourage all flag owners to fly their flags at half-staff today. Good day and goodbye to the unparalleled Steve Edwards, the beautiful Arthel Neville, and the quirky Debbie Matenopoulos.

  6. Steve seems smart, Arthel seemed to be digusted that she was stuck with such a moron like Debbie! Debbie noboady wants to hear you talking let alone talking with your Greek accent. I think there is really something wrong with Debbie. She’s an idiot…or at least comes off as one. Barbara Walters was right to fire her!

  7. The last show was the first time I ever saw the show. The LA show is good, all the guys want to get with Jillian, all the mothers want to be like Dorothy and Steve is like the wise man. It is a good fit. I can see why the national show failed.

  8. This show was such a turd. It’s a cheap immitation of Regis, and falls right in line with large wave of half-ass entertainment/journalism coming out of the west coast. The two chicks on the show were cast entirely due to their looks, because they couldn’t host their way out of a paper bag. Steve was the only half decent person on the show, and still came off kind of creepy sandwiched in between the Barbie Doll twins who were half his age. I watched the last show to make sure I would never have to see this garbage again.

  9. In one word,Good Day Live is still a GOOD show comparing to other daytime talk show. I hope to see a new virsion of Good Day Live on air some time.

  10. I loved the show Debbie is funny i like Madonna just like hera and cher . I love all of you hope u have more success wherever u go.

  11. I will really miss watching Good Day Live. It was a fun show to watch..can we get Good Day LA in its place???


  12. I loved the last show i watched u guys religiously and i love debbie i hope she is going to get another show i loved bo to . Debbie if i could turn back time i wis ht he show was still on . fox televisionn u suck . debbie the best carrer move u made was leaving the view they are bitches all ofthem . u rock

  13. I’m sooooooooooooooo going to miss GOOD DAY LIVE!!
    I really liked the show because it kept me informed on all the west coast news since I’m stuck in the east coast. The news, entertainment and of course Steve, Arthel and Debbie will be missed. I don’t care if people didn’t necessarily like Debbie or whomever, the show was good and was lots of fun!!!!!

  14. I hated this show very much!!!! What were they thinking when they fired Jillian and Dorothy?!?! The difference between Jillian/Dorothy and Arthel/Debbie is that the L.A. show is still on after so many years. GDL was cancelled just six months after replacing the original girls. Dont you people at Fox get that??? Don’t fix it if it aint broken!!! but you people had to mess with original chemistry!!!!! Good thing the show got cancelled, it hasn’t been any good for the last six months!!!!!!!

  15. Now I’m sure why GDL was cancelled by the way Debbie showed her self acting like a child chasing Arthel with a piece of cake at the closing of the show. I’m sure her husbamd had to be embarassed. If they could have replaced her the show probably would still be on.

  16. Now I’m sure why GDL was cancelled by the way Debbie showed her self acting like a child chasing Arthel with a piece of cake at the closing of the show. I’m sure her husband had to be embarassed. If they could have replaced her the show probably would still be on.

  17. LORD GOD….and iam not religious that show was awful ….useless …stupid…waste….Steve the Zombie picking up a easy paycheck…Arthell thinking shes on 60 minutes and Debbie ..stop cackling and lay that egg…She should go into porn she’s got a hot body and would finally have a use for that mouth!!!!!!

  18. I had to tape the last show today and actually do some work. I started watching while recuperating from an operation a year and a half ago and enjoyed it. It was my guilty pleasure. I liked it with Jillian, I miss her Style File (Dorothy – not so much) and Debbie and Arthel were fine too. I detest court shows, Maury, Jerry, etc. Although I thought there was too much repetition of guests on GDLive, and too many commercials, I love the gossip. Its my Enquirer, Star and US – which I would never buy. Really, the gossip and the on-screen chemistry between the hosts, is the only reason to watch. It is (well, was) what it is. You either get the show or you don’t. It’s not NPR or The New Yorker and it wasn’t supposed to be, so you haters, lighten up and get a sense of humor for god’s sake!

    Good luck Steve, Arthel and Debbie! Steve, I wish GDLA was broadcast in Boston! Maybe FX cable will pick it up. It would also improve the Fox News Channel!


  19. For many years I have been a faithfull GDLA viewer. It was great when GDLive started, we could now leave town and still tune in. I did have a hard time when Dorothy and Jillian were let go from GDLive, but I would still watch under protest. Eventually Debbie and Arthel kind of grew on me but…it still wasn’t quite the same. I am just thankful that we still have the local show because quite frankly all the other morning shows are way too stuffy and boring. Good luck to Debbie and Arthel on your future endeavors. Steve, we locals are lucky to still have you.

  20. I used to watch GDL all the time when Dorothy and Jillian were on it. After they got fired, I couldn’t stomach the new show with Arthel and Debbie.

    The only interesting thing was when Debbie fell off the roof. When I heard GDL was getting cancelled, I tuned in. They should’ve been cancelled a long time ago because they had more fun in 2 or 3 weeks than they ever had in 6 months. They also had the highest ratings ever (like a 2.9 or so).

    It’s a shame b/c they made the dumbest mistake ever. FOX should have never fired Dorothy and Jillian. The least they could’ve done was put them on the last show. That show was THEIRS, not Arthel and Debbie’s.

    By the way, Jillian fans can go to
    and check out pics, quotes, when she’s on tv, basically everything you would want to know.

    There’s a message board at
    It’s free to register and to post there.

  21. For all the Debbie and Arthel haters, if the show was doing great, Jillian and Dorothy would have never been replaced.

    I honestly like Dorothy; but I honestly can’t remember her doing anything more than reading Tabloids on Thursday. I don’t blame her because this may have been what the producers limited her to and it takes a mighty strong person to overtalk Jillian.

    I honestly like Jillian as well (what heterosexual male wouldn’t); but I think she was beginning to suffer from overexposure (she was on 4 shows at once) and she began to get a little too loud and obnoxius for me so I stopped tuning in until they had a series of guest hosts on last summer.

    Even then I wasn’t sure the switch to Debbie and Arthel was going to work. But I think the ladies pulled it off.

    Debbie is a lot like Jillian; but funnier and more professional to me.

    Arthel is brilliant. She brought a lot of professionalism to the show, but yet was able to keep things light.

    I think the show flowed a lot better with the two of them .

  22. I found myself tuning into GDL every chance I could. They didn’t take themselves so serious and just had fun together. We should all try and do that in our own lives and stop all the hating.

  23. Hi Had to post I was a huge fan (even thou here in Michigan) of GOOD DAY LIVE, During all the host they had, I loved them all even if they got out of hand at times, lol, They ,made my afternoons a little lighter!!!! Whatever was going wrong that Day it was put away for that one hour.
    I cannot believe they took it off the air!!!! I am so mad.
    Then to top it off (dont know bout your area) but here in Michigan they replaced it with (a show I cannot stand!!!) COPS!!!!
    I am gonna miss all them guys from good day live!!! SIGH SIGH. Lesli

  24. I agree with most of the other commetors, who the hell thought Jillian and Dorithy could be replaced? I know J & D were hard to take for 60 minutes but I and my trusty clicker switched between Good Day Live and Regis and Kelly. I loved the combination of these two shows. After the new girls, I now have to watch R & K the whole hour. At least FOX had my attention half the time, now, not at all. Sarge In Vegas

  25. Is the network stupid or something?
    Jilian, Dorthy, and Debbie were all terrific, they were what made Good Day LA & Good Day LA live !!
    Without them, Steve is nothing but another ordinary, dull, anchor person.
    Lauren Sanchez is great, I’ll still watch her on UPN news CH.13. That Jean Martierez IS the annoying one that really deserves to GO !!
    HORRID decision network producers, executives, you have definately lost another dedicated viewer.

  26. i live in the quebec region and i just started watching good day live i liked the show, wanted to see more of it, it came on at 12:00 here, 9:00 in l.a. too bad

  27. Whats up with Good Day LA?
    I thought it was cancelled. This morning 4-1-05 I turn on the tv and its on, because of the pope?
    but then I love lucy is on the next moment (that was wrong). I Love Good Day LA I thought the news people got a clue and realized we didnt need to see I love lucy reruns anymore.
    Does anyone know is it back on?

  28. Is there any chance they will extend Good Day LA for the southern California area? I wish they would. I like Jillian and Dorothy.

  29. i used to watch the show every morning, ONLY because of jillian and her awesome syle. i feel like i don’t know how to dress anymore now that she’s not on it.( i don’t get kttv)

  30. I’m a long time fan of the original trio, it really pissed me off when they fired Jillian and Dorthy. Then the “new and improved” format didn’t do any better, I heard it got worse. I thought it was true justice for Jillian and Dorthy. I know they can’t say it outloud (or maybe they can) but they probably had a few good laughs between them about how it all worked out. What goes around….. Oh yeah, to top it off they replaced the show with Lucy reruns,I’m sure the ratings for that hour went way up. Who’s the brilliant mind behind those two genuis decisions???? Steve? Just kidding. I love all three of the original cast and I feel changing the girls out was the beginning of the end for the national show. I’m sure they figured it out, a little too late, and pride let them cancel the show instead of putting Jillian and Dorthy back on and righting a wrong. Ok, I’m done venting. L. Dill

  31. thank god to dish network sattilite I can still watch my wonderful jillian and dorothy on gdla even though i live in boston. Yes it was the reason i purchased the dish. To give us such a great show back in 2002 and then take it away is downright cruel.. I feel bad for everyone who misses them that dosent live in la. I will tape the show for anyone who wants to see an epoisode here and there.

  32. Debbie is as interesting as a can of Spam, and as stimulating as a dead duck on a stagnant swamp. Can we hope that she is at last put out to ‘You had 3 great chances, (MTV, The View, GDLive) to become a media star, and the jury verdict is in: You’re Out! Arthel was lovely, bright but dull. DULL! Watching this show was at first a guilty pleasure. It became instead a form of mindless spiritual assault. Like listening to Geoge W. Bush signing Neil Diamond.

  33. Debbie is as interesting as a can of Spam, and as stimulating as a dead duck floating on a stagnant swamp. Can we hope that she is at last put out to “YOU HAD 3 CHANCES , (MTV, The View, GDLive) TO BECOME A MEDIA CONTENDER, AND THE JURY IS IN: YOU’RE OUT!” LAND? Arthel was lovely, bright but dull. DULL! Watching this show was at first a guilty pleasure. It became instead a form of mindless spiritual assault. Like listening to Geoge W. Bush signing Neil Diamond.

  34. Jillian needs to ssshhhhuuuttttuuuupppp…She is such a ho looking piece of work and a nasty yuckin freak who is talking with her mouth full of who knows what!!Get her out of there!!!!

  35. quit watching even the morning show because Jillian was so damn annoying. The thing is, while silliness is okay, constant interruptions and sheez sometimes they can’t seem to get one story out… without a million interruptions from Jillian. She’s an attention whore on speed or something at times. When I first started watching she didn’t seem to be so out of hand, but over time, it was Good Day Jillian it seemed. I have switched to KTLA. I miss GDL sometimes but have not watched the show at all for about a year. I have nothing against Jillian, just would like to see her a little more balanced and less “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME”. She is lovely and I’m sure with some training could make a good host with a good mix/balance of silly… that would be good. So train her!!!

  36. I miss Good Day Live..I prefered the original
    cast but now it has been replaced in my area
    by more repeats of MASH>>

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