Bill Troubles!

February 28, 2005 at 4:15 pm in Uncategorized

I went to the ATM at work today (which is run by the credit union on the lot) and requested $100 for my walking around money for the month. As it spit out the cash, I noticed that I got only $40. I peered into the little cash dispenser slot and pulled out a few bills that seemed to be jammed in there and ended up with a total of $160!


Of course I glanced around, looked over the machine to see if I missed an “out of order” sign and found nothing. Being the dutiful person that I am, I put my $100 into my wallet, took the extra bills over to the credit union and turned them in.

This wouldn’t happen, of course, if I wasn’t an avid reader of The Ethicist! Though, let’s face it, $60 is not much of an ethical dilemma if you’ve already got $100 in your pocket. Or maybe I’ve just got too vivid an imagination thinking that $60 belongs to some kid who just moved to LA and is crashing on someone’s livingroom floor and saving up for a place of his own so he can make it in Hollywood someday and this is every penny he’s got until his next payday.

Has anyone else ever found something valuable and turned it in? Good results or bad?

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