Bad News North Hollywood – Laurel Canyon Closed

I know this news is going to be horrible for a hell of a lot of people who live in North Hollywood and work south of the hills, but Laurel Canyon between Mullholland and Hollywood Blvd has been closed because of some sliding hillsides. Actually, that’s pretty bad news for a lot of people who live in Hollywood hills too. I’m not surprised at all, over here in Silver Lake it’s hard to drive down a street without a lane being blocked off with orange cones and half of a hillside spilling out over the sidewalk. There’s slippage on Glendale Blvd north and south of Silver Lake Blvd, and on the Silver Lake Blvd to 101 on ramp – but these are two lane roads becoming one – Laurel Canyon is a whole other story. That’s a major artery for a lot of people and this is going to cause some crazy traffic and delays until things are back in order. Ouch.

UPDATE: Good News – One lane has been reopened! Bad News – Mud slide threat could last for months!

5 thoughts on “Bad News North Hollywood – Laurel Canyon Closed”

  1. Traffic is hell everywhere in So. Calif. We went to the downtown open house last weekend and it sucked. They are overpriced and they really don’t have anything to show you.

  2. I feel for those who must suffer the shutdown. But I’ll bet the residents of Laurel Canyon (at least those whose houses and lives haven’t been red-tagged or otherwise slide impacted) are loving the new-found solitude the closure brings. Having previously lived on Beverly Glen in Sherman Oaks the slow weekday snaking of the commuters southbound in the morning and northbound in the evening was always a drag.

  3. Gaaah!!!! This is making me nuts. My piano teacher lives right off of Kirkwood and day-um, am I getting rusty.

    I do hope they can keep one lane open, even if it’s just for residents. He’s been stranded on either side of the line a couple of times so far this rainy season.

  4. we can construct bridges in minutes across rivers in iraq but cant move dirt in one of the richest cities in the world.
    but we can sure drive bigger cars than anyone on earth!

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