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Arriving in Los Angeles after a two week stay in Hong Kong, grey clouds, heavy rain and congested traffic greeted me like a long lost friend. I did not miss this at all. However, what I did miss almost most of all, despite having great food overseas, were sandwiches. Just sandwiches. The Chinese people are pretty much savant when it comes to various categories of cuisine, however, my people seem to have really miss the boat on this genre – oh, there’s bao’s but thats not a sandwich since its not technically defined with a slice of bread or split long/round bun (ie: hot dog which is another controversy all together). McDonalds and KFC have all made in roads to Hong Kong, but not a Subway in sight.

Just off Figureoa, above chinatown is the East Side Market. Tucked in the middle of a quiet residential district, this cozy italian deli always has a low murmur of voices stemming from the hungry city workers and assorted students standing in line. Everyone else is sighing from satisfaction. Some people order pastas, some order sandwiches, me, I always call out the number 7. As Blondie would say, picture this. Between a cut of a thick soft bun is three inches of thick well seasoned roast beef, two inches of succulent juicy pastrami and topped off with a full spidle of red and green pepper based au jus. With this combination of all star foods congregating withing the cavity of your mouth, its like watching angelina jolie, denzel washington and queen latifa all in the the same screen – except better than the bone collector.

One bite and it was nice to be back in Los Angeles.

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  1. I definately think we should have the next meeting there! (wait a minute….we have to make sure they have some vegie things too….cause we are nothing if not diverse in our culinary tastes here at blogging.la) while that sandwich looks utterly gross…I bet it tastes divine.
    Kind of like life…some things that look scary on the outside are quite tasty when you get into them!

  2. I can only give you directions since I don’t know the address and I’ve tried googling them as well as chowhounds looking for an address.

    But if you take figueroa north, past sunset, instead of veering right to the 110 freeway, you veer left. Than you turn left again and its on your right handside about 20 yards.

    I think they’re only open for lunch but I’ll drop by this weekend and get more details including an exact address.

  3. Fate! Fate, I tell you!

    I got off the 110, headed over to Dodger Stadium. The street that loops around the stadium to the Sunset entrance was closed for a movie shoot, so I was quickly lost in the neighborhoods south of the ballpark, north of Chinatown. After about 10 minutes of u-turns, trying to find my way, I happened to make a right onto Alpine, and there it was…Eastside Market. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I must be close. I had to stop; it was meant to be. Oh. My. GOD! Best sandwich ever! 7 is my new lucky number.

    Thanks, Bill. I’m a Los Angeles native and I know many of the coolest spots, but you’ve introduced me to a new one today. This is what I love about Blogging.LA.

  4. I think they are only open for lunch. I’ve driven by the place several times after 5 p.m. and the place looks ominously dark and unaccommodating.

  5. the meatball / sausage combo is TO DIE FOR! And it’s the only place i can go in l.a. and not hate the cops, because they’re there chowing down right next to you. Bigtime hang out for the city hall and police dept elite…. Nothing like swinging by and filling up on some sandwiches before a dodger game

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