I blame the rain

Whenever the weather is gloomy, I feel “extra-tired.” Last night, I got home from work at an “early” 6:30 and I collapsed on the bed, literally falling asleep within minutes. I woke up at 2 in the morning to brush my teeth, take out my contacts, etc… only to go back to bed and sleep until I had to get up for work again.

But at least I didn’t do this.

Seriously. How tired do you have to be to do that?!

One thought on “I blame the rain”

  1. I used to be a night nurse. I have dozed off on the toilet, while walking to the other side of a room, while writing in a chart, and while washing instruments.

    I think night shifts should be shorter than eight hours, in recognition of the fact that most people find it very difficult to get a full eight hours of sleep while the sun is shining.

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