Hollywood and Highland

oscars022405.jpgI was near the Kodak Theatre earlier tonight and things are already looking pretty Oscar crazy. I hadn’t realized the street would be closed off already (not that it mattered to subway-riding me). That corner always has lots of tourists and bright lights, so when you add a bunch of tents, it starts looking like a carnival. If only Oscar preparation involved cotton candy…

UPDATE: I can understand that the LA Times wants people to pay for access to certain articles, like the Tom Leykis wine article that Caryn mentioned. But I just noticed that the Times put their article about Academy Awards street closures in the paid subscription section, too. Isn’t that the kind of information newspapers usually give away for free?

4 thoughts on “Hollywood and Highland”

  1. i live right down the street from kodak and the closed street is causing all kinds of traffic. earlier in the week with the rain it just compounded things. damn oscars!

  2. Unfortunatly, http://www.bugmenot.com is only good for some of the LA Times site. What Lisa was refering to is that the article linked is in the Calendar Live section – you have to get the LA Times tree-killer version deliverd every day (or pay $$/month) to access Calendar Live. That stinks!

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