One thought on “Busiest Fire Stations in Los Angeles”

  1. Yep , teh list now lists station 9 as being the busiest and I live here two blocks from station number 9. They are very busy. Then they are underappreciated a lot. The LA TOwn Crier has adopted them. I have yet to have meetins with the adopt a fire station , so we can formally get our adoption thing going. Funny how nobody wants us and even firestation nynber 9 nobody wanted to adopt. So who better than the town crier.

    Underfunde , not enough ambulances , firfighters doubling as paramedics and emts , because we haven’t figured out where to get the money from in this city.

    My hat gose off to all of the Fire stations across the LA LAnd.

    and of course may god bless our heroes.


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