Coop Fan busted for sticking it!

It’s pretty hard to live in Los Angeles (or anywhere for that matter) and not know about local artist Coop. His work can be found everwhere. Well, it turns out if you live in Clovis, you might be better off not knowing about him. According to this Clovis News Journal story, Dean Young, a 31 year old Clovis resident was arrested and charged with distribution of sexually oriented materials to minors for having a Coop sticker on his car. Trust me, you aren’t the only one thinking this is nuttier than squirrel poop right now, the ACLU is even looking into it. From the story:

Officials at the ACLU said theyíve never seen the stickers ó one on each side of the car near the rear window, each about 4 by 6 inches wide ó but based on the police report said they doubt the stickers violate the law.

ìIíve never heard of anyone getting a ticket for a sticker on a car,î said Peter Simonson, executive director of the ACLU of New Mexico. ìUnless the stickers are directly and immediately inciting people to violence ó thatís the only way the Supreme Court has said that free speech can be somehow limited.î

When state prosecutor Chris Chandler first saw the case, he had concerns too.

Then he saw the images.

ìOnce you look at the picture it obviously depicts a sexual act. Thatís far beyond what is depicted on the mudflaps truckers have,î Chandler said.

The stickers depict one devil with its mouth around anotherís tail, which may suggest oral sex, according to the Dec. 12 police report.

Therefore, Chandler said Youngís images are in violation of the law.

Young said he bought the stickers at a former Clovis business almost three years ago. He said they are ìraunchy,î but not pornographic.

ìItís not like I cut a picture out of Hustler and put it on my car,î said Young, who still has the stickers on his car…

The red phone under the glass dome at Coop HQ has been ringing off the hook this morning and has prompted blog post after blog post. In fact, the official word from the ACLU from a phone call a few minutes ago was:

“We are actively looking into this matter and expect to have a special response as soon as possible. Our Director, Peter Simonson, is sick this week but this matter will receive his top priority attention as soon as he returns to the office.”

This is going to be interesting no matter how you slice it. But what’s really interesting is that this whole things seems to have spawned from a Detective on the Clovis Police Force trying to throw his weight around and Dean Young not buying it:

Chandler said the case came to light after the young son of Clovis police Detective Kirk Roberts saw the stickers. Roberts saw his son staring at the images during a family outing to an area restaurant, where Young works as a waiter, Chandler said.

Young said he would have removed the stickers if Roberts hadnít threatened to charge him with a felony. He said Roberts told him to remove the stickers, and came back to the restaurant two weeks later. When they werenít removed, police issued the citation to Young, who said Roberts is the first person to approach him with concerns over the stickers.

ìThe only reason Iím getting charged with this is because some overzealous, church-going detective got offended by it, and got even more offended by it by the fact that I didnít take it off after he threatened me,î Young said.

Roberts sees things differently.

ìHe apparently believes weíre violating his First Amendment rights … that right ends at my nose,î said Roberts, who said heís heard some complaints about the stickers. ìThe picture is pornographic, and he cannot tell me that he (believes) kids arenít going to see that when heís stopped at a light next to a car full of kids, or in a public parking lot. You line up 100 people and Iíd be surprised if 100 didnít tell you thatís pornographic.î

10 thoughts on “Coop Fan busted for sticking it!”

  1. Gotta admit, I’m really turned on all of the sudden!

    Just need some red spray-paint, couple of brunettes, some Halloween costuming…

    I know my girlfriend is going to see this post; it could work if she calls a friend… :)

  2. Personally, I’d love to see it become a law here. Only because my neighbor’s car is cover in those cutie girl devil stickers and the bastard keeps parking in my spot. If you have been granted a spot by Parconius, the God of LA parking, then you understand how I could feel this way.

  3. I expect this to end the way we all want it to end – with the case being dismissed. Once the ACLU is officially involved (and they are EXTREMELY eager to do so) this should go away immediately.

    (But not before the press gives it a thorough chewing – my only regret is that the original story didn’t mention COOP as the artist responsible for the image!)

    If I were Dean I might even demand a formal public apology from the arresting officer. SO much more satisfying than a simple cash award, wouldn’t you agree?

  4. A small town pissing match has suddenly become something we all have to get involved in…
    Can’t the cop and the waiter just meet in the Shakey’s parking lot, beat the crap out of each other, then go inside and bond over some Pizzatrios and MoJo Potatoes?
    Free publicity for artists is always a nice byproduct of biased attempts at law enforcement.
    If this really drags out it should be a nice shot in the arm for Coop — not to mention for those who sell his stuff.
    The next logical news development here is the cop gets caught watching gonzo beastiality on the DVD system in the family minivan.

  5. I live in Clovis, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what is going on here. I mean really, these bible thumpers are taking over the town. The have now made it to, where in most resturaunts, you can’t even smoke in them on Sundays between 11 am and 4 pm. Not to mention the fact that you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays. It is ridiculous. They honestly run the town. We have a commity of fifty and they are all church goers. This town needs a reality check, and maybe Dean is the one to break the ice. We don’t live in a perfect world, and you can’t hide your children from it. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want my child to see it, but they will have to learn sometime or another. It is amazing what my 8 year old has learned in school(in Clovis, mind you), not pertaining to the education that he is there for.

  6. I also come from clovis, nm and got the hell out of there. They are all hypocrites! The things that are going on there are all controlled by the “shifty Fifty”, a committee of business owners who decide what is good for the community. I can’t believe they are letting it go this far because they are now pushing the area for filming purposes. They just filmed some basketball movie there with bruce dern. They need to shut the cops and jesus_crispies up if they want revenue from movie companies to even consider their town. I don’t think many companies would want to film there knowing it is such a policed state. One more thing. Clovis people do a great job judging others and trying to impose their beliefs on everyone else around them. They think that clovis is the only place on earth, boy did I learn a lot when I got the hell out of there and don’t plan on going back !!! Meth and crack is the drug of choice, gangs are running rampant, and they need to worry about all of the unsolved murders that are going on around there. Maybe the detective needs to be trying to find out who killed that guy in front of his house instead of picking on a guy with a sticker on his car!

  7. Im from new zealand and i fink this is a big load of bull.just sum church mad yahoo tryin to save the world.But really he is hiding behind his badge and his beliefs christianity is turning into a cult.if u wanna believe no worrys .But dont bother the average joe or joette.i luv coops art. And would u get arrested for having an old art peice like the old chapel paintings or maybey the venice de milo i mean there are boobs showing does that not show sexual thought?and advertising is pretty much sexualy sujestive.good luck to the lil man>

  8. If this even goes to trial, I want to see every fish-displaying, bible thumping sticker erased from all vehicle windows as well.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, bitch.

    You go, Coop.


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