High Speed in the Hills?

I live in Silver Lake and I have DSL through SBC. I’ve had it for 2 years with no problems. I have a friend who lives in Silver Lake, on a different hill, who still can’t get it. She’s been using dial up and that’s getting unbearable. Here’s the problem, she’s at the top of the hill by Fletcher and Glendale and the closest DSL box is at the bottom of that hill – unfortunately it might be the only one left in California that isn’t Fiber Optic. The result being that even though she gets solicited for DSL by SBC, Earthlink, and everyone else all the time, when she signs up and they come out to install it, they find it’s not possible and give her her money back. So she just got an offer for DirectWay, but that is going to cost $100 a month and the uploads top out at 55K, barely any better than dial up so I advised her to stay away from that.

What I want to know is does anyone have any ideas? Know of any ISPs who would want to run a line up the hill and potentially get a whole neighborhood of clients as all her neighbors are in the same boat. Calls to SBC about the issue have resulted, not surprisingly, in nothing. Apparently there’s no plans to add a new box, or update the old one.


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  1. i hate adelphia as a company, but what about cable lan? my cable may go out, but my internet doesn’t…

  2. Boy this sounds familiar. I live up the hill east of Glendale Blvd. in Silverlake. Literally for years I was on an email notify list for SBC if/when they would ever get DSL to my location since dial-up was also killing me. For a while I would receive “available” and “sorry not available” emails within the same few weeks. Sometime in 2003 I finally got the OK, got it installed. It probably doesn’t even technically qualify as “DSL” since the speed fluctuates between 115-320Kbps. I think minimum DSL is 384 Kbps. Anyway, I was just happy it was faster than 56k. Recently my landlord, who lives ABOVE me, was denied SBC DSL because he was out of range, which seemed odd. After explaining this to them, SBC basically said I should not have even received the service. Potential good news though, I did find out a neighbor (even further away from the DSL box) finally convinced Adelphia to install broadband. I am not sure if it just became available (their website says it is still not for my zip code), or if she had them run a digital line right to her house. Maybe Adelphia is an option since SBC seems to have no plans of expanding their service.

  3. On the line with Adelphia now. I’m happy to see pretty much everybody is pricing DSL at $25-$30 a month, but we’re WAY far from that box and I’m not willing to take way substandard DSL just to have it.

    Interestingly, a couple of months ago I talked to Adelphia and they told me that cable modem was available to me, but that if I didn’t have cable tv it would cost me 50 or 60 bucks a month instead of $29.99. I told them that was too much and said no.

    Today I’m on hold with them for 10 minutes already because the service is showing as not available to me. Oops – yes it is! And free installation for Mac!!!

    It’s $26.95 through Dec 31 and then it goes to $55.95 a month if I don’t get cable tv with it.

    I’m trying to order it now – we’ll see just how it unfolds.

  4. Have you looked at wireless? If they’re on a hill, they ought to have line of sight to lots of networks. They may need a decent antenna, but if neither DSL or cable work out, it’s a better option than dialup.

  5. We had kicked around the wireless idea, especially since we are close to both Starbucks and Silver Lake Coffee (or whatever that place is called), both of which offer wifi.

    Unfortunately the only way to see if we’d be able to swipe wifi was to get the antenna and test it out – I admit I’m a pussy and didn’t want to spend a couple hundred bucks only to find we were too far or a tree came between us and the signal, or that the only way we could connect was by moving our computers somewhere outside our house.

    For now I am hopeful about Adelphia. I’m sure this time next week I will be tearing my hair out again though….

  6. Try DSL Extreme. I live in Los Feliz, and they’ve been doing great for me. Excellent customer service and good coverage in the area, so they might be a solution…

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