Not Sexual Healing….Well Maybe a Little

For a long time Iíve wavered between being firmly entrenched in the physical/material world and drifting over to the other more ephemeral, spiritually enlightened hemisphere.
No, Iím not ready to give up the big career, the house, the material lifeÖyetÖbut I figure, why not be open to everything this experience on earth has to offer? And living in this fast-paced, crazy-ass cityÖa sense of balance can sometimes be hard to come by. So when a friend gave me a birthday present last month of an energy healing session, I was psyched. Maybe a tad skeptical, (what is ëenergy healingí anyway?) but why not? Who couldnít use a little healing now and then?

So I made an appointment with Kate Rodgers, the energy healer and wow! Iím not a skeptic anymore. She did this wonderful, super relaxing, guided session with me that included a lot of breathing, some wonderful healing essential oilsÖshe uses many different techniques in her work but the plant, mineral and animal medicine healing oils rocked, and I swear some of the visions I had WERE truly phenomenal! In talking to her afterward she discussed with me how in the shamanistic medicine world everything is thought to have a specific vibrationÖ. so she works with each persons multiple modalities to bring a healing force to them. I have to admit it was a wonderful Öand yesÖ a really rich, healing experience!!! I highly recommend checking it out if youíve got a couple of hours and want to shift your energy around. You can reach Kate at 310-450-4561; she charges $125, the session lasts about an hour and a half.


about_pic.jpg While missing the opportunity to be truly 1337 — why not 5 for the letter S? Hell, why not |\||_||\/||}3|2$? — the new CBS show NUMB3RS premiered last weekend, and settles into a Friday night slot tonight. This is cool for a couple of reasons. First, it’s the only weeknight without either SVU or one of the CSI programs. But more especially, because it’s set in L.A.

Basically, the show is “A Beautiful Mind” (be sure to play “Catch the Prismatic Light Allusions”) meets “Law & Order” — minus the schizophrenia of the former and the doink-doink sound of the latter. And who knew mathematics was so hot? But the fun part is spotting the local locations and references.

Oh, and in the premiere, they track a serial killer down to part of Silver Lake, which, as everybody knows, is central. ;)

An ‘Only in L.A.’ Story…

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share a quintessential L.A. story that my friend Loren had earlier this week:

So, several prints later, I had some documents to mail, which brings us back to the photo mailers.

I decided to try the local mailbox store first, to keep the money in the community if possible. As I entered, the sole employee was carrying a giant box around and asked me what I needed.

“I need some photo mailers for 8x10s,” I informed him.

“Like this one?” he asked.

“Yes. I’ll take three if you have them.”

After a little more exploring, he came up with one more.

Then, as we said our farewells, and I carried my photo mailers to my car, he wished me luck. “I hope you get the part,” he said.

Only in Los Angeles.

dig a pony

rainy la.jpg

While watching “The Apprentice” last night (and by the way, what an idiot that guy was), one of the local news teases was, “And coming up, could all of this rain be affecting more than the roads? How all of this weather could be affecting your MOOD.”

Are they serious? Isn’t there any real news? First of all, what they’re calling weather is known in other parts of the country as “drizzle.” How can they report on this while hundreds of thousands are still piecing their lives back together after the tsunami? I’m sorry, but for those of you Los Angelenos who are bummed out about the rain, suck it up.

It’s rain. Go live in New England for 10 minutes if you think this is a harsh winter. You’ll be praying for the days when all you got was rain. OK, I’ll dismount from my high, born and bred in frigid New Hampshire and still just relieved when I don’t have to scrape ice off of my car in the morning, horse.

The nice thing about this time of year is that Santa Anita is open and what better weekend to bet on the ponies than the weekend off before the Superbowl? I can’t think of one. Oh, and they have a big roof so don’t let the rain scare you off.

LA’s Finest Can’t Leave Me Alone

I got pulled over tonight for the second time in a week. No whining about the injustice of it all…I had a headlight out and was not surprised. The first time, five days ago, the officer who gave me what he called a “fix-it ticket” said I had until March 3rd to get it fixed. “Cool,” I thought. “That’ll give me time to get the manual and venture into the world of auto hacking.”

Except tonight, when I got pulled over, and immediately handed the officer my license and the ticket, he told me that I was supposed to get it fixed 48 hours after the first citation. WTF? Can’t they even get their stories straight? Fortunately, he let me go without hitting my with what I’m sure would be a stiff fine.

But you can bet you boots that after drinking 1 glass of wine with dinner tonight, I waited an extra-special amount of time before driving home.

So this weekend, if you see a confused guy on a Silverlake street, peering quizzically at the disassembled headlight of a yellow Beetle, that’ll be me.

artLA in full effect

Caryn just made a post about artLA. The opening reception benefiting MOCA Contemporaries was tonight and we just got home after being there since about 9am. So yes, we’re tired. Caryn’s post gives you all kind of details about what went down, including the painting that someone tried to steal right off the wall. Doors open to the public tomorrow and we’ll be there (both #13) all day ever day until it closes on Sunday evening. I have to say, after attending a hand full of art fairs in the past year that the quality of work at this one blows SCOPE LA, SCOPE Miami, and NADA out of the water. Definitely worth checking out if you can this weekend. Sunday morning at 10am Caryn is moderating a panel discussion on technology (blogs) and art writing – unfortunately I’ll be in the booth so I won’t be able to see it so if anyone feels like filming it that would rock.

regional cost of cars

I discovered that I haven’t had car insurance for the last two weeks. D’oh – that’s what a deep postal-mail antipathy will get you. Surprises.

So I went to re-register for car insurance. My old carrier from Northern California directed me to a Southern California provider. Fine. I gave out all my information to the sales agent, including my mailing address at the University of Southern California.

The initial estimate came down the line. For my particulars, $3000 a year for auto insurance. Holy smokes! I remarked. That’s amazing. The price of living amidst car culture, I wondered?

Then I realized that I should give him my home address, in Culver City. He re-ran the numbers. Same particulars, different zip code – my car insurance estimate went down to $2000.

It blew my mind! USC is in a poor neighborhood, and people driving cars there are paying more. $1000 more in this case! Hard to work your way out from under that.

Injured Train Passenger Scrawls Message In Blood

A fire captain came across a message written in blood on the seat of one of the trains involved in yesterday’s disaster. The man who left the message, identified only as “John,” was rescued and is expected to recover.

‘Los Angeles City Fire Captain Bob Rossaro said the exact text of the message was difficult to determine. “He wrote it in his own blood, and what he wrote is, I love my kids, and I love my wife,” said Rossaro.’

What would you say if you were in “John’s” shoes?

Casts our previous post in a new light, eh? If you can, please do go donate — if not blood, then some other way.

Give A Little Bit

donate.jpgWith blood supplies already at post-holiday lows and especially further depleted by the demand in the aftermath of the Metrolink train crash yesterday, Glendale Memorial Hospital will be holding an emergency blood drive today from 12:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the hospital’s main auditorium at 1426 S. Central Avenue. For more information, call 818/502-2378 or 818/917-9913. When I called I was told they weren’t making appointments, but to just come on down and be sure to bring a valid picture ID. There’s also the Glendale Chapter of the American Red Cross at 1501 S. Brand Blvd. at 818/243-3121.

Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable Oil!

For real! (written by Joz’s friend professoreric)

Shameless family plug timeÖ My cousin David is in town doing a lecture on converting your car to guzzle french-fry oil instead of evil fossil fuelÖ
Want to run your car off of Used Vegetable Oil?

Join David Rosenstrauss, founder of the Fossil Free Fuel Conversion Collective, as he leads a workshop on how to convert diesel automobiles to run off of used vegetable oil. This hand on workshop showcases the environmental benefits, political ramifications, and science behind the conversion process. People interested in having David Rosenstrauss convert their diesel automobile are encouraged to contact the organizers for more information.

Conversion Workshop ñ Jan 29, 2005
Noon ñ 5PM

Southern California Institute of Architecture
960 E Third St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Matthew Ruscigno (323) 992-8598, [email protected]
Steven Kim, (213) 219-0858, [email protected]

Incident on Santa Monica Blvd.

This morning on the way to work Santa Monica Blvd. was shut down between Bronson Ave and Gower St.

Traffic was diverted for westbound folks north up Bronson and eastbound cars were diverted either way on Gower.

All I saw were two fire trucks. Orange cones and a parking enforcement car marked the east edge of the diversion, but I saw no officials anywhere. There were plenty of bystanders on Santa Monica Blvd across from the strip mall there next to Hollywood Forever (which seems to be the west boundary of whatever the incident is). So whatever it was, they’re not letting cars near it, but people are free to come and go.

Does anyone know what’s going on (there are no helicopters, which is really odd)? And does anyone know a good web source to find out these things?

Life Imitates Art…

One thing that came to mind, when hearing about this morning’s tragic train derailment, was the season opener of 24, which eerily opened with a train derailment that caused by a vehicle that was also deliberately left on the tracks.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either, as the pilot episode of 24 opened with a jet airliner bombing. In fact, “FOX demanded the producers cut out an exterior shot of the 747 exploding…” due to 9/11.