Of all the days…

I should have had my camera with me today.

Came out of my office building after work and headed to the Back 40 where I parked this morning. About halfway there, a chainlink fence divides the lot, and perched on top of it were a pair of crows, yelling about something.

I glanced in the direction they were looking and stopped short, uttering a Keanu-like “Whoa.” A gorgeous red-tailed hawk was standing in the grass about 15 feet away from the crows. I realized in a moment the hawk was actually standing on top of the carcass of something I couldn’t identify quite yet. The bird occasionally reached its beak down and ripped a chunk out of its catch — what turned out to be another bird, a pigeon I think.

Disturbed by my approach, the crows gave their last yells and flew off, leaving me to watch the hawk ripping chunks of pigeon away, feathers flying, as it dug for the good meat. It spared me a few glances, but I was a good dozen yards away and not a threat as I stood there frozen for a few minutes.

Of course I didn’t bring my camera with me today.

I left the hawk in peace and continued to my car. As I was on my way out of the lot, I pulled up about where the crows had been and was able to watch the hawk through the fence, as even my car didn’t freak him out. Only another minute or two, then I continued my journey home.

Where I put the camera in my backpack.

2 thoughts on “Of all the days…”

  1. Robert, I feel your pain. I’ve suffered enough of those moments that I’m rarely out without a cam of some sort.

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