Around Town

Going through everything I missed the last few days and here’s some interesting LA bits I found in my RSS reader…

Media Bistro has launched Fishbowl LA – this is a gossip blog about LA media.

LA Press Club is awarding bloggers – or at least, has added blogging categories to it’s awards.

LA Voice was down – but is now back – server hell. We feel their pain.

LA Blogs gets specific – The most useful blog in Los Angeles just got better. Jonah says:

In response to some feedback from bloggers as well as a brainstorming session I had with Heather and eric, there are some new features being rolled into LABLogs. The LA Digest posts are now going to be broken into more specific categories to allow for easier browsing. As you can see, this post is all about eating in Los Angeles. I thought about breaking it down into more specific categories, like cuisine type and location, but I think that this format will encourage more Los Angeles exploration.

Everyone knows I have the utmost respect for Jonah and everything he’s done with LA blogs. I’ve met Eric a few times and he’s got some great ideas. I’ve never met Heather but I love her blog and always enjoy reading her comments. If these three are teaming up, I know the results are going to be exciting.

CD on Pedro Bashing – From the LA Times no less!