Oyez! Oyez He Can!

Just wanna shine the Blogging.la spotlight on B.la commenter Don Garza who I found profiled and interviewed as downtown L.A.’s very own official town crier in the “Metropolis” feature of today’s Los Angeles Times Magazine (registration may be required).

The 33-year-old Don, as Kay Fanslow writes, is a “Gulf War veteran who has been diagnosed with demyelinating peripheral neuropathy, an autoimmune disorder,” and “lives on disability in downtown’s Central City East area where he volunteers as a community activist when not on town crier duty.”

Says Don, “I celebrate every part of downtown, whether it’s the streets, or artists-in-residence housing, or SRO-type housing or the new market-rate housing in the lofts. Neighborhood councils must have posting sites for agendas, minutes. Having a town crier go out and post in those places is something I’m supposed to do. I emcee the Artwalk in the Old Bank District. I come up with my own ideas on how to bring pageantry and ceremony to the community.”

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  1. I would like to thank the academy and the ……..

    Anyway thanks for this posting. The picture in the LA times MAgazine was taken atop the STANDARD HOTEL in Downtown and the people who all made this non-paid job possible are alll of the players Downtown. My friends The Low INcome advocates and my friends at the Central City Association.( they both hate each other) On my uniform you see different things from the different players downtown. That way I show no favoritism. ONe thing they failed tommention itis tough being a town crier in the midst of socioeconomic fighting over this city and Downtwon. Because as a town crier I ahve to be a-political and non -partisan. But I celebrate all of my neighbors nevertheless.

    I have a committee put together and we are trying to bring a town crier competition to Downtown Los Angeles.

    Website should be going up the end of this week . Thanks to Eric Richardson at blogdowntown.

  2. Let me rephrase that.

    The two groups I mentioned above don’t hate each other. They just disagree on how best to make the transition into the residential community here downtown. I shouldn’t exagerate.

    SOme Members of the CCA are not for profits who help the poor.

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